Increase Brand Awareness With Custom Corporate Nike Hoodies

Increase Brand Awareness With Custom Corporate Nike Hoodies

Business owners and marketers know that their reputation relies on not only their customer experience but also their brand awareness in the marketplace. When you’re dealing with clients, selling yourself, and nurturing relationships - what do clients think about you? What do they know about you? How are you creating a memorable experience for them? 

One way that a lot of businesses do this is with branded promotional merchandise. But, the wrong merchandise can send a message different than the one you’re trying to send. Use custom corporate Nike hoodies, shirts, and coats to send the right message. 

The Importance of Brand Awareness 

Why is brand awareness important when dealing with new clients and old ones alike? While it is the first step of the marketing funnel, that doesn’t mean you can forget about it once you’ve won over a client and they’ve signed the contract. You need to continue to nurture that relationship and build a bond that will retain your clients. 

It’s much more than custom corporate Nike hoodies, it’s brand recognition. When you offer a client a gift or send them a basket of goodies, what does it say about your company? If it doesn’t scream professionalism and class, you’re doing something wrong. 

Think about it this way. If you put 10 gifts that were given to you in a room and looked at them, some would stand out over the others right? Why is that? 

Maybe because they’re more expensive, more useful, and more eye-catching than the other gifts. You want to have that impact on your clients when you send them a thank you gift for their business or when you’re trying to persuade them to contract you for another five years. 

If your company is struggling to build brand awareness, it could be because you don’t have a brand to begin with. What does your company stand for, what are your values, what do you represent? When people think of your company, what comes to mind? If the answer isn’t as clear as day, you might want to start working on your brand to help become more memorable in the eyes of your client. 

Always remember that people don’t buy your product or service, they buy you. They’re buying into your vision and what you think your company can do for them. That’s all about relationships, charisma, reputation, and BRAND. 

custom corporate nike hoodies

How Custom Nike Hoodies Impact Brand Awareness 

We believe merchandise from companies with a strong brand awareness are the best promotional gifts to provide to clients. This is because they’re eye-catching, professional, and high-quality. When you send a client a bunch of cheap stuff that they’ll never use, that says something about your company. 

When you send a client branded custom corporate Nike hoodies, custom golf polo shirts, or a premium windbreaker for their upcoming golf tournament, it shows that you not only listen to them but you’re willing to send them something they’ll actually use. 

Doing so in turn benefits your company because you’re creating a brand that they’ll remember. Everyone talks about having a low price, the best offer, or a family culture. But, you’re the only vendor that sent the client branded merchandise. That’s the difference. 

Using Custom Nike Team Hoodies to Boost Your Brand 

Hopefully by this point you understand the importance of brand awareness and why it makes a difference for your company. It’s a long-term strategy that will continue to benefit you especially if you can figure out a systematic way to use quality merchandise to nurture your brand and your relationships with clients. 

Here are a few examples of custom printed Nike hoodies that you can use to close your next big deal: 

Nike Club Fleece Pullover

This dark grey hoodie features a jersey-lined, 3-panel hood with drawstrings and a front pouch pocket. It’s made using 80/20 cotton to polyester with a 100% cotton hood lining for warmth and comfort on a cool rainy day. 

You can add your logo to this hoodie to create a permanent reminder of who sent this great gift. When you give it to your client, they’ll see that you didn’t go to the cheap sites or skimp out and they’ll feel like this is something you did special, just for them. They’ll be able to wear the hoodie for years because of its quality and it’ll be a consistent reminder that you go the extra mile. 

Nike Ladies Gym Full-Zip Hoodie

This option is made with 60/40 organic cotton and recycled polyester. It features an oversized three-panel hood with front pouch and open cuffs. This Nike hoodie is a full zipper which makes it easy to get on and off plus it’s also a great choice to throw on if the office gets a little cool sometimes. 

As with the previous option, you can add your logo anywhere on this hoodie to ensure that your client will remember who gave it to them. 

Final Thoughts 

Brand awareness is something that a lot of people think is too abstract to focus on but it’s much more concrete than you think. If you have brand awareness, companies will know and respect you. If you don’t, companies won't care who you are and you’ll have to reach much harder to get their business. 

One great way to create brand awareness is with custom corporate Nike hoodies. You’re sending your clients the best of the best in terms of quality, brand, and comfort and they’ll know it. 

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