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8 Reasons Your Business Should Utilize a Company Swag Store

Do you think your top performers would rather shop for high-quality clothes and accessories from your online company swag store? Or rummage around in a dusty closet only to find an ill-fitting branded polo and a chipped mug?

One scenario reflects pretty poorly on your company. The other scenario actually sounds like fun for your team!

If your staff routinely needs apparel and merchandise adorned with your logo, consider these perks of opening a company swag store for employees:

1. Make Ordering Uniforms Easier

According to a September 2023 report by Gallup, roughly one in four employees need a uniform for work.

But cheaply made, poorly fitting apparel doesn’t flatter your brand or your best people. With an online swag store, you can easily present your staff with a wide array of company-branded uniform pieces to choose from.

Do you need versatile layering pieces that can move with your on-the-go employees? Do your execs expect moisture-wicking polos and crisp button-downs? When you open up an employee swag store, you won’t have to compromise. Instead, you can populate your shop with enough styles and sizes to suit everyone’s needs.

2. Ensure Branding Consistency

As a 2021 branding consistency report found, a whopping 77% of companies come across off-brand material. However, the majority of brands believe consistent branding is to thank for between 10% and 20% of revenue growth.

Visual consistency is impossible to achieve if you purchase branded water bottles from one vendor and trade show t-shirts from another. Any time your company orders custom swag, you’re hoping to build brand awareness and make a positive impression.

When you choose one vendor for all of your custom promotional products, they’ll ensure your branded items meet your specifications. And when it comes time for your staff to purchase that branded merchandise, you won’t have to worry about wonky formatting, improper logo use, and off-brand color selections.

3. Give New Hires a Warm Welcome

The onboarding process is an important stage for both new hires and their employers. It’s when new team members start discovering the company culture. They’ll find out how workers are treated within the organization and will see firsthand how organized (or disorganized) the company really is.

The sheer volume of onboarding tasks can be pretty overwhelming – especially for folks who need to order uniforms and other branded items. But a self-service store makes that part of the process easier and more streamlined.

Plus, it allows human resources staff and hiring managers to show new employees they care. With a few clicks, they can put together a welcome kit with a few corporate gift items bundled up in a custom backpack. When purchased through a company swag store, these items can ship straight to new staff – even before their first day!

4. Encourage Employee Recognition

One of the benefits of a company shop is how it empowers organizational leaders to recognize their staff in tangible ways. When given in recognition of work anniversaries and other milestones, appreciation gifts for employees can help increase employee engagement and retention.

Cost-effective branded essentials like caps and coffee mugs are classic choices for a reason. High-quality products like sleek luggage and luxury drinkware are perfect surprises for important members of the business. Gift cards can allow staff members at any level to treat themselves to branded items at any price point.

All of these and more are available through a company swag store. Plus, they can ship directly to the employees who are being celebrated.

5. Take the Guesswork Out of Product Selection

What kind of company swag do employees like? This can be a tough question to grapple with, especially when you have a lot of other responsibilities besides choosing the right style for your company's 5K t-shirt.

So, why not let your employees decide for themselves? The best company swag store is one that offers a whole host of quality products. With ready access to name-brand goods like S’well water bottles and Under Armour accessories, you’ll have plenty of company swag ideas at your fingertips. Simply choose the items you want to include in your shop and allow your staff to make their own personal choices.

6. Simplify Inventory Management

It doesn’t matter if your company employs a hundred staff members in the same town or thousands of workers across the globe. Managing company swag inventory on your own always feels like a hassle.

When you order branded merchandise through one of the top swag stores for companies like yours, those inventory management troubles will melt away. Your vendor will produce exactly what you need, when you need it. This means you won’t have to over-order and store excess goods. You also won’t have to worry about tracking your inventory and stocking back up on dwindling supplies.

7. Leave Order Fulfilment to the Experts

With all of your branded merchandise managed through one online store, you can avoid delays in getting your custom swag items out to the employees who need them. As soon as an order is placed, your corporate swag vendor will take care of everything from production to order processing and shipping.

Plus, you won’t have to stress over the intricacies of building and running an e-commerce site. You’ll have all the personalized support in getting set up, and your company swag store platform provider will keep things running behind the scenes.

8. See Shop Activity in Real Time

Wouldn’t it be helpful to know what branded swag items your staff are buying? Shouldn’t you be able to track your overall swag spend for a particular initiative? If you centralize your activity through a single storefront, you can gain real-time visibility with comprehensive sales reports and additional insights.

Ready to open your shop? Learn more about creating an online company swag store with Launch by Lead Apparel!

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