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14 Corporate Retreat Ideas That Will Boost Team Engagement

Hosting a corporate retreat is a great opportunity to bring your employees together in a new environment. Research shows companies that host retreats help improve team collaboration, creativity, and employee morale.

Whether you want to host a luxury corporate retreat or take your employees to a fun event for the weekend, here’s how to plan a corporate retreat that is both fun and strategic. 

Create a Corporate Retreat Strategy

Successful corporate retreat planning comes down to a solid retreat strategy that fits your unique business and employees. A retreat strategy outlines how your retreat will help your team recharge and refocus business ideas. Here’s how to plan a corporate retreat that leaves your team feeling empowered and ready to tackle new ideas. 

1. Define Your Retreat Goals

Be clear about what you want to achieve with your company retreat. Do you want to help your team improve collaboration? Do you want to help develop leadership skills? Do you need an opportunity to brainstorm new ideas? Defining your goals can help you plan a retreat with a mission.

Group of employees hiking on their corporate retreat

2. Choose a Destination Wisely

Gauge what your employees like and dislike. If your team doesn’t like to travel far from their families, hosting a destination retreat may not be fun or engaging. If you work in a bustling city, hosting a nature or beach retreat may be an excellent change of scenery. You’ll also want to consider choosing your destination at times that are easier for travel and have nice weather.

3. Plan Around Busy Schedules and Deadlines

Retreats shouldn’t be stressful, so make sure you don’t schedule them right before major deadlines. The last thing you want is your employees dreading the trip and being distracted by everything they need to do for work. Slow seasons are also a great time to schedule retreats. 

4. Keep the Trip Short

A week-long trip is not only expensive, but it also takes your employees away from their families and work. Keep corporate retreats to about 2-3 days. Ideally, schedule the trip during the week so it doesn’t take away from your employees’ family and personal time. 

5. Create Dedicated Sessions

Create a schedule that focuses on tackling specific tasks and fun activities (more on those later). Do you need to host a brainstorming session for a new venture? Do you need to announce a new product? Do your teams need to update the company on their exciting new plans? Create a clear schedule for all the topics and plans you want to discuss.

6. Create a Follow-up Plan

Retreats can be inspiring and give your team a ton of ideas to pursue back at the office. However, these ideas may live and die at the retreat without a follow-up system. Make sure to send memos and actionable steps to employees following the retreat. 

Make Corporate Retreat Activities Fun

Corporate retreats aren’t just about conference rooms. You want to make sure you balance work with play to help keep the trip exciting and engaging. Here’s how to plan a fun retreat that your employees will never stop talking about.  

7. Pick a Theme

Does your team love a pop culture reference or is obsessed with sports activities? Planning your retreat around themes can help spark creativity and make activities more fun. Maybe you host a Casino Royale night or plan your retreat around the Superbowl. 

8. Host a Welcome Reception or Gala Night

Help your employees loosen up and set the mood for a fun retreat with a welcome reception. This can be a casual night of drinks and live music. You can also host a more sophisticated dinner and rewards ceremony at the end of your retreat. This can give your employees something to look forward to as the retreat comes to an end. 

9. Plan Evening Outings or Shared Meals

Don’t just host your strategy sessions and have your employees fend for themselves during meals. Schedule evening dinner outings at exciting restaurants or shared meals at your retreat destination, where employees can continue to connect and collaborate.  

10. Offer a Mix of Activities

If your employees have drastically different interests, consider offering a variety of fun teambuilding activities. For more active personalities, include activities like hiking or biking. For more creative souls, you could offer cooking classes or painting workshops. 

11. Plan a Nature Retreat

Studies show that spending time in nature improves creative thinking and curiosity. The great outdoors is also a great change of scenery from a laptop or cubicle.

Consider planning your retreat at a nature lodge, wilderness resort, or ranch to help your employees reconnect with nature and each other. Wilderness retreats can offer your employees fun and new experiences like bird watching, hiking, and tree-top climbing activities. 

12. Offer Wellness Activities

Your retreat will likely involve many strategic planning sessions and fun activities. However, employees can also benefit from wellness activities that help them recharge their minds and bodies. Consider offering yoga classes or meditation courses to promote relaxation. 

13. Create Friendly Competition

Plan teambuilding activities that help your employees contribute to their unique skills and mindset. Making it a competition can make the experience more motivating. Try hosting a trivia night, scavenger hunt, game night, or sports competition to help your employees have fun and work together. 

14. Give Your Employees Corporate Retreat Gifts

Choosing unique corporate gifts for your employees can help them feel valued and rewarded during your retreat. You could outfit your employees with branded jackets for their hiking excursion.

Or, you can gift custom sherpa blankets to help them feel cozy during their trip. You can even create a custom bag filled with goodies like snacks, gift cards, coffee tumblers, power banks, pens, journals, and other custom swag.

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