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How to Pick Unique Corporate Gifts for Your Employees

It’s never the wrong time to give your employees a gift to thank them for their hard work.

Gift ideas are hard, and you may be wondering if it makes a difference to be unique. Corporate thank you gifts are often stale and boring! Your recipients, whether clients or employees, will thank you for being creative. We believe that all presents should be considerate.

Of course, everyone loves to get a gift, but many companies rush into gifting without putting much thought into it. Unfortunately, many corporate gifts are boring, cookie-cutter items with a logo slapped on top. These items end up in landfills or thrift stores instead of being used and appreciated.

Unique Corporate Logo Gifts

Giving company logo gifts is fun, and we encourage you to get creative with them this new year! If you’re having a hard time with gift ideas for your employees or clients, we’ve compiled a list of our most unique corporate logo gifts to get you started.

Comfort is the gift that keeps on giving, especially in the colder months of the year! Your gift recipients won’t be able to help but reach for a cozy branded beanie, sherpa blanket, or quarter zip. If you give your employees or clients the coziest essentials from brands they’re already familiar with, they’re sure to wear them for years to come.

Creative drinkware and kitchen pieces will stand out amongst the traditional mugs and pens of other companies. Consider offering your giftees a marble cutting board or stacking lunch boxes, and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your present will actually be used. For a more luxurious piece, try a custom hanging bar tool set.

While we do encourage you to be unique in your gifting, we also value functionality in when gifting. Everything we sell and customize is something that your giftees will actually use! Since you’re communicating appreciation to your giftees, it’s important to give them a gift that’s both unique and useful. They will appreciate you all the more if they can consistently enjoy what you’ve given them.

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Unique High-End Corporate Gifts

Looking for a gift that’ll really wow your employees? We stock many high-end gifts for you to choose from. You will really make an impression when you gift from a brand your giftee knows and loves, like Peter Millar, North Face, Nike, and YETI. Quality and brand recognition go a long way in building trust with a client or employee!

These are our favorite unique and high end corporate giftsh for any recipient.

  • If your employees or clients travel often for business or leisure, gift them the ultimate suitcase by Tumi! This large, hard-sided suitcase is strikingly modern with an integrated TSA lock, a telescoping handle, and a hanger bracket. For proud, seasoned travelers, this suitcase includes a selection of vintage passport-inspired stickers.
  • Universally beloved and functional, this branded YETI flip-top cooler is perfect for a fishing trip, tailgate event, or backyard barbecue. It is both leakproof and huge—this cooler fits up to 30 cans (only) or 28 pounds of ice (only).
  • Our final high-end favorite is this waterproof, wireless, portable Bluetooth speaker: the Boom 3 by Ultimate Ears. Perfect for the beach, shower, garage, gym, or backyard, anyone will enjoy their tunes more with this super portable speaker.

Beyond the price point, a gift is high quality when it is made and given with thought and value. It is important to give presents that will be recognized and appreciated, even if their recipient never uses them. Multiple studies have demonstrated both that those who give gifts get a happiness boost. What a win-win!

Unique Gift Ideas for Corporate Clients and Employees

The corporate gifting industry has boomed since 2020. If you’re still wondering if it’s important to give presents to your clients and employees, the answer is yes! Corporate gifts are an excellent way to show appreciation and recognition, stand out among a crowd, increase your reputation, and strengthen relationships (Forbes).

Corporate gifts definitely serve a purpose, but what you gift matters too. We believe that corporate gifts don’t need to be stuffy and boring. Instead, choose unique corporate gifts that you’d actually enjoy opening yourself! No matter who your giftees are, you can buy in bulk at Lead Apparel.

Lead Apparel offers all of the trendiest gifts for every recipient. With high-quality laser engraving, embroidery, and more, your logo and customizations have never looked better. When you choose your unique corporate gifts from Lead Apparel, you will receive premium merchandise to spread brand awareness and satisfy your giftees.

The best corporate gift to choose is one that’s both unique and useful! Give them a gift they’ll use and remember forever. Make your corporate gifts memorable with Lead Apparel’s customization of premium brands with premium materials. You will never regret a purchase of our high-quality, personalizable, functional gifts.

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