About Us

What we do

We offer Companies, Teams and Organizations clothing and accessory options that spotlight their Brand or Logo through custom embroidery or screen printing.  If done right, Company logo clothing creates a team spirit in and outside of the office. It establishes trust and loyalty with Customers and shows legitimacy with Prospects

Spread Brand Awareness through Logo Clothing

The Power of Logo Clothing is a passionate topic for Lead Apparel. It’s often over-looked, but an incredibly important part of the marketing puzzle that can help Companies spread the word unlike traditional marketing options.

Lead Apparel’s dedication to show Customers the value of logo clothing is based on facts that logo clothing leads to higher employee morale, longer lasting relationships with customers and a powerful tool to expose your Brand to prospects.

We believe great service and results will always be the real value

The word ‘Service’ is thrown around loosely these days, Lead Apparel’s take on it is very simple; Listen, Learn and Serve with Attention to Detail. You tell us what your objectives are and we will help make that a success.

The art of building positive brand awareness is achieved when Owners, Employees, Customers and the Community have a role in the progression of a Company or Brand. Lead Apparel wants to help Customers achieve this result.

What this Means for You

What Company can deliver the best results at the lowest price? This is usually the determining factors for Companies when purchasing logo clothing and we’re ready to win you over on both of these points.