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A Simple Guide to the Ultimate Online Company Store for Employees

Creating an online company store for your employees can be a key element in fostering a strong company culture. Company online stores not only offer your employees branded merch and swag, but they also help improve employee engagement and brand identity. Keep reading to learn how you can create a great online company store for your employees.

Decide What Your Employee Online Store Should Offer

Your ideal employee online store can offer everything from swag to company uniforms. Before creating an online employee online store, identify your goals.

  • Do you want to offer employee uniforms? You can provide company-branded uniforms in a variety of approved styles and colors to employees.
  • Do you want to set up a pop-up shop? If you’re hosting company events, you can create a pop-up shop for employees and clients to order company merchandise for the event.
  • Do you want to welcome team members with new hire kits? Create a new hire store where you can offer pre-selected welcome kits and other company-branded items to your new hires. Do you want to offer employee gifts? Add branded swag and merchandise for employees to purchase or earn as a performance award or holiday gift.

It can also be helpful to check with your sales team and employees to see what they would like from an online company store. Employee feedback can be a valuable tool to make sure your store meets their preferences and needs.

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Setting Up A Company Store for Employees

Choosing the right platform is vital to your online store's success. Here are key steps to consider when setting up your company store:

1. Create a Launch by Lead Apparel employee store account

Launch by Lead Apparel is an easy-to-use tool, and it’s free to use. Enter your company name, employee count, branding images, and contact information to get started.

2. Select your swag and merchandise

Select from a wide range of customizable apparel options that suit your brand and employee preferences. Lead Apparel can help personalize merchandise with your company logo, slogans, or designs for brand consistency. Specific items you can add to your store include:

  • Premium Brands: Add products to your store from today’s most desirable brands, including Nike, North Face, Peter Millar, Patagonia, Helly Hansen, and more.
  • Branded Accessories: Add the unique and popular accessories to your store from YETI, Timbuk2, JBL, Moleskine, Osprey, and more.
  • Gifts: Select branded blankets, home goods, and tech to gift employees during the holidays or recognize their hard work.

3. Build the best employee experience

Finding a platform that provides the best employee experience will create a lot of excitement with your team.

  • Enjoy a modern layout with customized product displays: Launch will use high quality images and clear descriptions for the products in your store along with size charts.
  • Streamline the ordering process: Employees are not required to open accounts since all orders are associated with their work email. This reduces the time and frustration of signing up for "another" site.
  • Forget about payments for every order: Your company can choose Net 30 terms so your team can checkout without making a payment. We'll bill your Accounts Payable for the orders in the next month.

4. Promote Your Site

Inform your employees of your company store launch with store access. You can provide employees with logins or instructions on how to access the company store. You may also want to consider offering initial discounts or promotions to incentivize employee purchases.

5. Easy-to-Use Reporting

Access real-time reporting to check store sales. You can select a date range and view sales by employee or products. You can also set inventory alerts for products in your store, allowing you to pause the product until more stock is available.

What are the Benefits of An Employee Online Store?

An online company store with premium branded products fosters brand awareness and strengthens your connections with employees. Some of the most impactful benefits of creating an online employee store include:

  • Reward and recognition: Offering merch and swag can be a powerful way to acknowledge employee achievements, celebrate employment milestones, and reward exceptional performance.
  • Unite your employees: An online store offers employees in remote or different physical locations the same access to company-branded gear. Custom gear also helps employees feel like they have a valuable role.
  • Streamline distribution: An online store eliminates the hassle and time it takes to bulk order merchandise. Employees can conveniently purchase their items directly.
  • Secure payments: Creating a trustworthy system offers employees a safe way to purchase company merch.
  • Inventory management tools: An online company store offers real-time stock tracking to monitor low stock or items that aren’t selling.
  • Order tracking: Conveniently monitor the status of purchases to make sure your items will arrive before important events.

Create Your Custom Online Company Store for Employees With Launch by Lead Apparel

Lead Apparel understands the intricacies of online company stores. The Launch platform is packed with features that combine an employee storefront with an easy-to-use admin portal. Our team of experts is also available to help you create the best online company store for your employees.

Partnering with Launch by Lead Apparel can help you create an online employee store that meets your organization’s needs and showcases brand identity. Their user-friendly platform, vast product selection, and dedicated support help ensure your employees have a positive experience. Let us help you create a thriving online store that your employees will appreciate.

Learn More About Creating a Company Store for Employees Now!

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