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5 Corporate Gifts for Employees That Will Stand Out

The world is in constant flux, and instances of employee burnout are on the rise. Even the World Health Organization has chosen to recognize burnout as a real and escalating problem. Most health and wellness professionals agree that the onus of prevention is the role of employers.

Do your employees know that you value, appreciate, and see them? 

The truth is, battling burnout can be as simple as acknowledging their efforts with a token of appreciation. Corporate gifts for employees can help reward your hardest workers for their efforts and dedication. The key to using gifts to inspire morale is choosing premium, desirable items they’ll really use. 

None of your team members needs another mouse pad—but there are plenty of unique gifts they’ll definitely love. Continue reading to discover corporate gift ideas for employees that make everyone feel like a valued member of the team. 

1. Premium Quality Jackets For New Hires

Before you focus on mitigating burnout, do you have a plan for preventing it? You can immediately create a positive, inviting atmosphere by welcoming new hires with a gift. 

We always recommend presenting new hires with a practical corporate gift with a high perceived value. It’s an investment that makes new team members feel as though you value their skills and input from day one. If you choose custom corporate gifts featuring your company logo, it can also help build loyalty. 

Company logo apparel, such as jackets, are some of the best corporate gifts for employees who are just starting out. They’ll likely feel proud of their new role and excited about showing off their affiliation. A premium product like a jacket is practical, and they’ll be eager to wear it immediately. 

When you choose apparel from familiar, premium brands, your staff will continue to wear it for years to come. Prioritize high-quality products from brands like Vineyard Vines, The North Face, and Under Armour. If you purchase these products in quantity, you’ll receive luxury quality at reasonable prices. 

2. Cozy Housegoods For Remote Team Members

When you’re working with employees in the office, it’s easy to pass along verbal praise and words of affirmation. A positive post-it note left on a desk has the power to turn someone’s entire day around. Touching base with remote team members requires a little extra effort, however. Imagine how receiving an appreciation gift in the mail can turn a remote employee’s entire day around! 

We love rewarding work-from-home employees with gifts they can use in the comfort of their workplace—their home! A cozy gift will encourage your remote team members to relax at the end of a long day. 

Some of our favorite cozy corporate gifts include:

  • Custom logo Sherpa blankets 
  • Kitchenware like chef’s knives
  • Popcorn poppers for comfy movie nights
  • Aromatherapy diffusers
  • Hoodies to wear around the house

3. Small Tokens to Boost Morale

While we love giving corporate gifts to celebrate employee milestones, it’s a good idea to reward your hardest workers sooner. It can be encouraging to receive a small token from your boss that shows they see your effort and perseverance. 

Has there been a high seasonal workload? Has your team faced an abundance of frustrating projects? It may be time for a small, thoughtful gift to rebuild morale. 

Though the token may be small, ensure it’s a premium quality product with a high perceived value. You want to communicate to your team that you value their effort in the face of adversity. If you reward them with low-quality items, you’re sending the wrong message.

Instead, consider the following small, personalized gifts:

  • Earbuds
  • Power banks
  • Chargers
  • A portable Bluetooth speaker
  • Coffee mugs and tumblers
  • Logo hats or beanies
  • Company t-shirts 

4. Swag Boxes To Mark Milestones

An employee accepts a corporate gift from her boss

The only thing better than one custom gift is a whole box full of thoughtful items. We love gifting corporate gift boxes to team members to celebrate birthdays, work milestones, or other special occasions. When you include apparel, tech items, and unique, whimsical extras, there’s something perfect for everyone. 

The ingredients of the perfect swag boxes or gift baskets include:

  • Premium cotton company logo tees or hoodies
  • A piece of quality drinkware like a travel mug, water bottle, or tumbler
  • Some fun office supplies like pens or Post-its
  • A tech gadget like a charger, power bank, or wireless speaker
  • Something unique and unexpected (like an umbrella, webcam, picnic blanket, camping chair, or planter)

5. Unique Gifts For Special Recognition

Every so often, an employee rises to the occasion and really saves the day. Having a unique, premium gift on hand will reward them for going above and beyond. While you could send flowers or buy lunch, we prefer giving high-quality gifts they can use for years to come. 

Truly good corporate gifts for employees should be as valuable and unprecedented as they are. The following premium gifts are a perfect way to recognize exemplary performance:

  • Custom luggage bags featuring the company logo
  • A high-quality charging pad
  • High-end jackets and outerwear 
  • A gift basket featuring a variety of custom corporate gifts
  • A premium quality logo work bag or backpack

You can boost the value of any gift with custom designs and personalization. Include a gift card to send the message that you are grateful for their effort. Go the extra mile by including a personal, handwritten note. 

Memorable Personalized Corporate Gifts for Employees

Your hard-working employees deserve high-quality corporate gifts they’ll really use. The thoughtful gifts above will help you communicate your pride in their work. As a bonus, customization options allow you to boost brand awareness and build brand recognition. 

Shop corporate gifts for employees and more from Lead Apparel. With quick turnaround times, exemplary customer service, and tons of customization options, you’ll secure great gifts in no time.
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