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How to Elevate Your Brand with a Company Apparel Store for Employees

Every interaction your employees have with potential customers is an opportunity to bring more brand awareness. So why not equip them with apparel that shows the world the company they represent? Your employees are often the driving force behind your success, and outfitting them with logo apparel helps them truly embody your brand.

If your employees need apparel to represent your company, here's how creating your own employee apparel store can amplify your brand message on the road and from within.

What is the Purpose of a Corporate Apparel Store?

Creating an employee apparel store gives your employees a convenient, one-stop shop to purchase apparel that represents your brand. Company apparel stores are a strategic brand move that helps outfit your employees as walking brand ambassadors everywhere they go. From client meetings to trade shows, outfitting your employees in branded apparel helps define your brand.

Instead of rummaging through catalogs, an online apparel store lets your employees purchase hand-selected and already-approved apparel designs. You can curate a unified look that embodies your company's identity, whether it's cohesive color palettes, logos, or clothing styles.

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What Are the Benefits of an Online Company Apparel Store?

Zero In On Your Brand Identity

Having a clear understanding of your brand identity is the foundation of your employee apparel store. Understanding the designs, styles, and colors that make your brand unique helps your employees share your brand's story.

Is your brand a changemaker with vibrant colors and bold logos? Or are you a sophisticated business with sleek stitching and muted colors? Designing your own online company apparel show lets you define and create an extension of your brand identity. Then, your employees represent this identity with confidence and pride.

Complete Customization With a Unified Look

An online store lets you create a custom line that cohesively blends colors, styles, and logos. No more clashing of apparel styles and colors. You can create branded corporate apparel lines that represent the style you want your employees to present.

Have different various teams you need to outfit? An online company apparel store can help you streamline designs across teams with adjustments to apparel materials and styles. Your employee apparel store can address diverse clothing needs like polos, T-shirts, half-zips, jackets, and even accessories like travel bags.

Helps Employees Promote Your Brand

Clothing can be a powerful tool to communicate your brand's story and value. Your apparel's colors, logos, and design elements can reinforce your brand message and create a unified look among your employees.

Employees who wear branded apparel are walking advertisements for your company. A study by the Advertising Specialty Institute found that 85% of consumers remember company names when they receive branded apparel.

Builds Brand Loyalty With Employees

Offering branded apparel shows employees they're valued members of your company. Research has even found employees who wear branded apparel feel they are playing an important role within their organization.

Offering custom-branded apparel shows employees you value their hard work and contributions to the company. Boosting overall employee morale can help your teams create longer-lasting relationships with customers. It also boosts their sense of loyalty as an essential part of your company.

Gets Employees Excited About Their Role

A Cornell Hospitality Quarterly Journal study found that employees who wear branded apparel feel more self-confident and credible in their roles. Wearing stylish and comfortable custom apparel can help boost your employee's creativity and excitement about company goals.

Having a company apparel store makes it easy for employees to dress professionally and feel excited about their role in your company.

Fosters a Team Mentality

Like sports teams wearing matching uniforms, branded apparel gives employees a sense of belonging and shared identity. Branded apparel can create a more unified team culture in companies with diverse roles and departments.

A well-developed online employee apparel store is the next step to fostering a stronger sense of team spirit. Strong camaraderie can also make your company more attractive to potential recruits.

Convenient, Time-Saving Purchasing

Employee apparel stores should be easy to navigate. A dedicated online company apparel store provides employees a simple and convenient way to access branded apparel. This helps eliminate any need to look elsewhere or spend valuable time letting every employee peruse apparel catalogs.

Instead, a one-stop corporate apparel store takes the decision-making out of the equation. Your employees can visually see and choose approved apparel without additional oversight or wasted time. Clear product descriptions, high-quality images, and a simple ordering process make shopping company apparel quick and easy.

High-Quality Branded Corporate Apparel

Creating a corporate apparel online store ensures you only offer your employees the highest-quality clothing. No more employees wearing thin fabrics and worn-off logos. Choose branded corporate apparel that meets your comfort, durability, and style standards.

Employee apparel is an extension of your brand's image, and high-quality fabrics, stitching, and logos should reflect your professionalism.

Create Your Employee Apparel Store with Launch

Investing in an online company apparel store is more than just providing cool clothing. It's a strategic way to amplify your brand message, build a more robust team culture, and create brand loyalty.

Launch by Lead Apparel helps you create everything you've ever wanted in a corporate apparel online store. With easy-to-use and hassle-free features, you can provide company-branded apparel all in one place for your employees to represent your brand in the office and on the go.

With Launch, we help you easily manage your store so you know what apparel is available and running low. Low-stock alerts help you stay ahead with real-time alerts when employee apparel is in low stock or sold out. Easily view real-time sales and inventory reports to see what employees are ordering. When updating branded apparel, you can easily add new products to your employee apparel store with one click of the magic Launch button.

Ready to elevate your brand from within? Learn more about creating a company apparel store today!

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