Building Employee unity through Company Logo Clothing

Knowing that 65% of all company Employees are unhappy, so much so, they are actively seeking employment elsewhere, companies must make sincere efforts to keep employees happy.  Although compensation is a major aspect of overall job satisfaction, many times it’s much more than money. So why are we associating employee happiness with company logo clothing?  Since less than 50% of employees feel strong loyalty to their employer, companies need internal branding just as much as external marketing. Companies that give to employees enjoy:
  • 75% of employees report higher morale
  • 60% report increased fondness for their company
  • 33% report higher productivity
While you’re building employee morale and increasing productivity you’re also promoting your brand simultaneously. Company logo clothing can enhance unity and morale among employees if you invest in quality, comfortable and stylish apparel.  Be aware, dressing employees in cheap or unattractive clothing will have an adverse effect. Forward-thinking employers have given their employees trendy logo clothing which not only accomplishes higher job satisfaction but also makes them more likely to wear the branded clothes away from work, boosting the brands exposure. Unity With Company Logo Clothing When a company builds a culture, it must execute their marketing promises which can only happen if owners, management and employees are in sync. What happens when Employees are Happy?
  • 70% higher profitability
  • 86% higher customer ratings.
As you can see, it’s good business to keep employees happy and engaged. I hope this information has been helpful.  If you have any questions, please email or call our offices at 800.511.8707 Click here to learn about company logo clothing.
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