Travel In Style With A Tumi Leather Duffel Bag

When it comes to travelling, having the correct piece of luggage is essential. A bag is not necessarily just to add a touch of chic-ness to your outfit, but they are predominately required for a practical use- to help you get from A to B. So, whether you are travelling for a weekend away or for business, investing in a well designed yet affordable bag is a must.

For over 30 years, the Tumi brand has been specializing in designing and manufacturing high-end travel and life accessories- whether travelling for business or pleasure. Using their innovatively engineered materials for added durability and strength, this brand is the only choice for those who strive for high quality luggage pieces that are worth their price. What’s more, Tumi’s stylish designs are ideal for both for genders and are versatile enough to be used by travelers, commuters or modern day businessmen on the go.

One of the most stylishly designed pieces from Tumui’s range is the leather Duffel Bag. Manufactured from luxurious leather, sporting a somewhat laid back yet fashionable design, the Tumi leather Duffle Bag is part of the Laredo collection from Tumi that specialize in designing top of the range business, day and travel bags that incorporate innovative engineering and impeccable design. This is the ideal carry-on for casual professionals or travelers who really want to make a statement with their luggage. Thanks to its widely framed shape, the duffel offers a great amount of space with additional organizer pockets on both the interior and exterior. Always looking to be as versatile as possible, this Tumi piece also features both carry handles and a removable, adjustable shoulder strap. The product is also available in a range of sizes, materials and colors, to suit all users.

Of late, Tumi has created a series of commercial bags that cater for the needs of both men and women. While this Duffel Bag is designed in stylish black which is suitable for both sexes, its strong design oozes masculinity. However, the range of pockets and storage space makes it the ideal luggage piece for women travelling away for the weekend and the gloss of the luxurious leather displays the style and elegance women search for within their accessories. In short, the Tumi Duffel Bag possesses an elegance that suits both sexes, no matter what their need for this piece may be.

The popularity of Tumi bags is ever increasing thanks to their exceptional quality, innovative engineering and classic designs and style. However, as they have reached greater heights in terms of material advancements, their designs are now able to move closer towards those which are worthy of being displayed within fashion magazines, as is such the case with the Duffel Bag. Although there may be some who feel that the Tumi Duffel Bag is best suited towards the male market, there is no denying that it is a prime example of the expertise, impeccable design and professional craftsmanship that has come to be expected from the Tumi brand.

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