Why Custom Merchandise Really Matters

Why Custom Merchandise Really Matters

An employee wears a custom north face jacket, a gift from their employer

For business owners, HR managers, and executives looking to give their business a boost, a gift of custom merchandise can bring surprising results. In addition to being a thoughtful thing to reward or recognize your employees or clients, custom branded merchandise yields real and measurable results. Here are 2 reasons that custom merchandise really matters. But first, what do we mean by “custom merchandise?”

What is Custom Branded Merchandise?

In the context we’re using it here, custom branded merchandise includes products that have been customized with your brand logo, slogan, or other graphic that directly ties the merchandise to your company’s brand. Matt Ellis, writing for Zapier, explains that brand merchandising is an excellent marketing strategy for non-retail companies. Ellis says, “it largely deals with branding: raising awareness among consumers who don't know you and recognition among customers who already do. Every time someone sees a mug, t-shirt, hat, whatever else with your logo on it—on the street or in their own home—it's a form of advertising.”

While Ellis’ breakdown is correct for companies that sell merchandise with their branding on it, giving gifts that have been customized with your branding has these same benefits and more.

Custom Branded Merchandise Boosts Employee Morale

It’s a simple fact that everyone likes getting gifts. Your employees appreciate markers of recognition, appreciation, or accomplishment. Custom branded merchandise is a wonderful way of showing your staff how much you (and the company) value them and their accomplishments.

But, of course, not all custom merch is created equally–and not all custom merch hits the same way, from a morale perspective. Forbes says, “items that are of inferior quality won’t be kept and used — thus a waste of funds. You’re better off having fewer items of higher quality to ensure your brand is represented appropriately.”

But does this kind of gift-giving really pay off? Absolutely! In fact, a recent survey from Health Leaders Media found that “57% of surveyed employees said they’re more likely to be loyal and continue working for a company that provides gifts to employees.” Forbes addresses the value of custom branded merchandise-as-gifts, “ the right branded merchandise given at the right time can boost employee morale and company pride.” Forbes concludes that companies should “consider how employee-branded merchandise can support your efforts. The power of this small but mighty tool shouldn’t be overlooked.”

This all adds up to 3 solid conclusions:

An employee wears a custom north face jacket, a gift from their employer

Custom Branded Merchandise Boosts Client Loyalty

Custom Merchandise can strengthen your brand in terms of overall visibility, and it can ratchet up employee morale, but gifting custom merch to your clients will also enhance loyalty. Here are a few key statistics to think about:

  • “84% of those receiving a promotional gift [like branded merchandise] still recall the company’s name a year later.”
  • “62% of those receiving a promotional gift will do business on some level with that company in the upcoming 12 months.”
  • “Sales Reps who give gifts receive 22% more referrals than those that don’t.”

As you can see, custom branded merchandise is a wonderful way to take your business to the next level!

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