The Power Of Logo Clothing

There are many reasons a company benefits from promoting their brand on Custom Logo Clothing. Lead Apparel is focused on working with Companies to help uncover the potential it can have on their sales and marketing performance.

Here are some important areas we focus on to determine what will be most effective for the Client when ordering Custom Logo Clothing.

Engage with your Customers

  • 63% of companies prioritize new customers above all else, leaving your current customers at risk of talking with your competition.
  • The average US Company loses 20-40% of its customers each year
  • When asked why they go elsewhere, an overwhelming 68% of customers state “poor treatment” from previous vendor.

Gifting Company Logo clothing is an effective way to engage with your existing customers and maintain strong relationships.

Increase Sales

  • 62% of those receiving a promotional gift will do business on some level with that company in the upcoming 12 months.
  • 21% make a direct purchase after receiving a gift which is 3 times higher than t.v. ads (7%) and 4 times more than online advertising (5%).
  • 84% of those receiving a promotional gift like Company Logo Clothing still recall the company’s name a year later.

When you gift Company Logo Clothing, you’re assuring a higher chance of converting sales and leaving a positive impression on your Clients and Prospects at the same time.

Increase Referrals

  • More than 50% of promotional product recipients have a favorable impression of the giving company.
  • Clients who receive promotional gifts are 14% more likely to generate a lead for company.
  • Sales Reps who give gifts receive 22% more referrals than those that don’t.

Successful Sales Reps know the power of referrals. When asking an existing Client for referrals, it’s always good to show appreciation. A gift is always a nice way to express that appreciation.

Positive Association with your Brand

  • Great gifts are a way to guarantee positive conversations about your brand and serve as frequent and favorable reminders of your Company’s brand and message.
  • Keep in mind, 30% of promotional products are thrown out. Why? Any hint of low quality or signs of being “cheap” can cause major damage to a Company’s brand.
  • Exposing your brand through Clients, Prospects and Employees is a powerful endorsement to others they come in contact with. Anyone wearing an item with a company logo is sure to speak favorably of the company.

Building positive associations of your Company in the eyes of Clients, Prospect, Employees and the General Public can be a major benefit to your company. Building trust over time can lead many buyers to choose your company over another.

Create Employee Unity

  • 65% of all company Employees are unhappy and actively seeking employment elsewhere.
  • Businesses with higher Employee satisfaction enjoy 70% higher profitability and 86% higher customer ratings.
  • A Company’s Internal Marketing is just as critical as the External Marketing.

Companies that give Company Logo Clothing to Employees report 60% increased fondness for their company and 32% higher productivity.