Custom Corporate Under Armour Shirts for Summer

Custom Corporate Under Armour Shirts for Summer

There’s no denying that these past couple of years have been like no other.

Maybe you want to thank your clients for sticking with you through tough times, or maybe you want to thank your employees for doing the same.

Regardless of your motives, corporate gifting is a great way to say thank you to both clients and prospects, employees and contractors.

In this post, we break down why corporate gifting is a must for business and why you should opt to order custom corporate Under Armour shirts instead of another mug.

Why Corporate Gifting is Good for Business

While corporate gifts are great for celebrating and thanking the individuals who help your business succeed daily, they also have another, less obvious benefit: they’re good for your business.

Wondering how? Check out the four most impactful ways below:

Strengthen Relationships with Clients

While you’ve most likely deployed a variety of strategies to build long, mutually beneficial relationships with your clients, incorporating corporate gifts into your retention strategy doesn’t hurt. In fact, it helps.

To help your clients feel like more than an account number, use strategic corporate gifting to ensure that they feel appreciated and valued--and we don’t mean just gifting them a pen when they sign on with you.

Consider sending your clients tiered gifts for every yearly anniversary, as well as celebrating any awards and honors they receive. Trust us--a just-for-you gift goes a long way in strengthening any relationship.

Convert Prospects to Customers

Corporate gift-giving isn’t only good for your clients--it’s a great way to build goodwill with prospects while demonstrating how much you value their potential business.

Sending corporate gifts is a great way to differentiate your business from the crowd. Consider sending a gift after an initial meeting or call to leave a lasting impression on your prospects.

Additionally, consider aligning your gifting strategy with a campaign you have running, making your targeted ads, calls, and emails that much more effective.

Motivate and Inspire Your Team

Let’s face it: Everyone loves gifts. As your most valuable asset, you want to make sure your employees know how much you value their commitment to your company.

To demonstrate your appreciation, treat them to branded corporate gifts on their work anniversaries, birthdays, or when they reach a performance-based milestone.

By showing your thanks through tangible gifts, you remind your employees how much you value their hard work.


While the anecdotal evidence might not be enough to convince you of the value of corporate branded gifting, check out these statistics:

  • 62% of individuals who receive a promotional gift will do business with the company in the next 12 months
  • 21% of customers make a direct purchase after receiving a gift
  • 84% of individuals who receive a gift can recall the company’s name up to a year later

What Are the Best Branded Gifts for Clients

While there are a lot of options on the market when it comes to choosing branded gifts for your clients, prospects, and employees, you should consider what you would actually want in their shoes.

Do you need another coffee mug for your cubicle or office?

Or would you much rather receive something desirable?

When it comes to the world of gifting, you want to be sure that the intention behind your gift is clear. If you give your clients or employees a low-value item, that may indicate that your value threshold for them is, well, low.

Instead of choosing something pedestrian, consider giving your clients, prospects, and employees something they’ll actually want and value.

When you select a desirable brand for your gift, you make it clear that you’re truly thanking the recipient.

Consider a brand like Under Armour. Massively popular among famed athletes and day-to-day wearers alike, the brand is at a higher price point, demonstrating how much you value your relationship with the client, prospect, or employee.

Ordering custom corporate Under Armour shirts for your employees or clients is an excellent way to say thank you.

What’s more, custom Under Armour shirts are stylish and tailored, two attributes that make them perfect for client meetings or for the office, giving the appearance of structure all while feeling like athleisure.

Custom Corporate Under Armour Shirts for Summer

When you choose to gift your clients or employees customer corporate Under Armour shirts from Lead Apparel, you not only gain a lasting, tangible token of your appreciation, but also our dedication to quality.

With over 30 different short-sleeved shirt options to choose from, you can find the right style for your employees or prospects.

In addition to sheer volume of options, we offer a variety of colors, as well as a dedication to ensuring that we get your desired design right every time.

Now that we’ve unpacked why you should gift your clients or employed custom corporate under armour shirts this summer, what are you waiting for?

Shop our custom corporate Under Armour shirts!

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