7 Benefits of Having a Custom Webstore

7 Benefits of Having a Custom Webstore

Your company can use a custom webstore to manage your corporate gifting and specialty branded merchandise needs.

Giving your employees and clients custom branded gifts is an excellent way to show them that you care about their business, happiness, or work overall. But anyone who has ever managed corporate gifting can attest that it can be a series of challenges, and for a bunch of reasons. This is where a custom webstore comes to the rescue. Think of a custom webstore as an online company store, where your staff or clients (or anyone you wish to give access to) can go and select from a range of gifts and merchandise that you have hand-selected. A fully custom webstore, from the right platform, can even give you ways to ensure that your logo and branding are on each and every gift. That customization turns each piece of merchandise from your online company store into a mini-billboard for your company. It’s a win-win!

But if that’s not enough to send you running to open your custom webstore, here are 7 great benefits to creating your own online company merchandise store.

Provide custom gifts to your clients

A custom webstore makes it easy to give gifts to your customers and clients. Whether these are thank you gifts or promotional items, placing your logoed merchandise in your client’s hands pays off. Statistics say:

  • More than 50% of promotional product recipients have a favorable impression of the giving company.
  • 84% of those receiving a promotional gift still recall the company’s name a year later.
  • Clients who receive promotional gifts are 14% more likely to generate a lead for the company.

Provide custom gifts to your employees

A custom webstore makes it easy to give gifts, prizes, incentives, and recognition to your employees as well. Health Leaders Media found that “57 percent of surveyed employees said they’re more likely to be loyal and continue working for a company that provides gifts to employees.” With a custom webstore, you can make sure that your employees are getting a gift that they want, in the perfect size (remember that listing your size on a spreadsheet can be uncomfortable).

Perfect for remote employees

If your company has remote employees, or hybrid employees, an online company store makes a whole lot of sense. Your remote workers need recognition too, as gifts boost morale, and foster a sense of connectedness to your entire operation. A recent report from AdWeek concluded, “Companies are coming to the conclusion that an investment in unexpected gifts is worth the money when it positively affects employee happiness.” With employees in your physical building, it was easy to slap a spreadsheet up on the bulletin board in the breakroom and have everyone sign up for a tee-shirt. Remote work has made breakrooms a thing of the past. And bulletin boards. A custom webstore can do away with these particular spreadsheets, too.

Broader selection

In the spreadsheet method we mentioned before, it was common to offer your employees one single custom branded item. A hat, perhaps, or a hoodie. But with a custom webstore, you can select as many different products as you wish. A hat, OR a hoodie, OR some killer headphones, or myriad other options. Your crew can pick what they truly want, from the webstore you’ve custom created for them.

No inventory management

If your company has ever thought of running a traditional employee store, then you may have already considered the problem of merchandise management. How many small tee-shirts do you need? In blue? What about in green? And the larges? An ONLINE company merchandise store can solve this problem easily. And you won’t have to worry about storage, display, or even manning the store itself. Your custom webstore provider can handle all of that.

No worries about tracking custom merch orders

Okay, who ordered the extra small? Where is Sam’s order? Or did they sign up? Terry is SURE that they ordered a medium, can you check the spreadsheet? A custom webstore takes away this pressure, too. Your team can log in, order their merch, and be done–you’ll get the bill, and the peace of mind that everything is handled.

Easy distribution

Your custom webstore can even make distribution a snap. Your vendor can ship the items directly to the employees or clients, or to a central person at the office. Each item will be labeled for easy distribution. In other words, your custom webstore can replace the giant box of tee shirts that shows up one day in the lobby. Which is always good.

The very best thing about an online company store is that you have already found the perfect provider. It’s us. Request your custom webstore today.

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