An employee wears a custom north face jacket, a gift from their employer

3 Custom Gift Ideas for Employees

An employee wears a custom north face jacket, a gift from their employer

We talk about custom gifts for your employees a lot. Of course we do, it’s what we do.

Elsewhere in our blog, and on our website more generally, we have a lot to say about why you should give your employees (and clients) gifts, and why those gifts should be customized with your logo and company name. We discuss, for example, the fact that “Companies that give Company Logo Clothing to Employees report 60% increased fondness for their company and 32% higher productivity.” We mention that “Exposing your brand through Clients, Prospects and Employees is a powerful endorsement to others they come in contact with. Anyone wearing an item with a company logo is sure to speak favorably of the company.” We even highlight the fact that “great gifts are a way to guarantee positive conversations about your brand and serve as frequent and favorable reminders of your Company’s brand and message.” So we won’t rehash those arguments here. 

Instead, let’s look at five specific custom gift ideas for your employees that you can order today.

Give your employees a Custom North Face Jacket

The North Face. A brand whose jackets are so good that The Guardian ran a story that implied they were “saving the world – one puffer jacket at a time.” North Face jackets make great gifts for employees.

Your employees would love to receive a North Face Apex Barrier Soft Shell Jacket customized with your logo on it. The jacket is versatile, comfortable, and professional enough to be worn much of the year. WIndproof and water repellant, its a custom gift that will serve your employees (and you) for years to come.

Give your employees a Custom Osprey Backpack

As at home in the boardroom as they are at the beach, Osprey backpacks make fantastic gifts for your employees. Though there are many styles of Osprey backpacks you might choose from, in an array of colors and features, we promised to select specific products for you–so we’ve selected the Osprey Daylite.

The Osprey Daylite is lightweight, simple, durable, and comfortable. It’s loaded with useful features, like mesh waterbottle pockets, and a harness grab handle, and is light enough for any morning commute. Even better, it can be easily adorned with your logo for a custom gift that your employees will love.

Give your employees JBL Wireless Heaphones

Most people like music and many love podcasts or similar content. This makes high-quality headphones an excellent choice for a custom employee gift. 

The JBL LIVE 660NC WIRELESS HEADPHONES come with a range of sought-after features. They are noise canceling but feature an ambient noise function to make sure your employees hear sirens, traffic, or other sounds while they safely walk from the train. They can take and make calls, with built in headphones, so they are always able to stay connected. And they feature both a long battery life and a quick charge capability, so your employees can enjoy your gift (and sport your logo) all of the time.

The best news is that you can order all of these items, and customize them into the perfect gifts for your employees, at Lead Apparel.


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