Tumi Carry On Luggage: Superior, Stylish Luggage

As one of the leading international brands of luxury luggage accessories for travel, business and lifestyle, Tumi strives on designing products that ooze excellence, superior style, function and most importantly; value. Founded in 1975, Tumi has over 30 years of experience in luggage design under its belt, helping them to provide their clients with effective solutions to their luggage needs. From travel luggage, business totes and cases, handbags and even wallets; Tumi have become the forerunners of accessory design. With new collections launching every year in order to cater for the ever expanding needs of the consumer, LEAD Apparel are proud to stock a wide range of Tumi carry-on luggage pieces.

Tumi’s carry-on luggage pieces possess a fantastic combination of superior style and smart, innovative designs. Utilizing advanced material technologies with their wealth of experience, Tumi is able to create carry-on pieces that are lightweight - perfect for travel, yet incredibly durable. It is this innovative design that has helped Tumi to win more than 25 patents for their exceptional designs and material engineering breakthrough. What’s more, with their ideological identification system in place, should your Tumi carry-on luggage become lost or stolen, Tumi can help ensure that it is given to its rightful owner.

With an extensive range of carry-on luggage pieces to choose from, it can be increasingly difficult to pinpoint exactly which piece from the Tumi collection will best cater to your individual needs. Those looking for luggage for travel leisure may desire a piece with slightly more space, whereas those travelling for business may prefer a Tumi piece that incorporates wheels for easy manoeuvre. Regardless, the light weight designs of Tumi enable the user to abide by the strict weight regulations of late, without compromising the style and space requirements the consumer demands. It is also beneficial to be aware of the frames used throughout each piece of Tumi carry-on luggage. Within most pieces, the honeycomb frame is most commonly utilized as it is light, durable and able to withstand great pressures. Although most steer towards metal or plastic frames, the lifespan of your luggage piece could be dramatically shortened as these types of frames can be bent easily.

We all look for ways in which to make our luggage instantly recognizable to us for quick retrieval and to deter thieves. Purchasing a carry-on in a bold, vivacious colour is ideal, especially if you will be boarding a crowded flight. Tumi designs its pieces in a wide range of colours to suit all tastes and personalities. You can also add a splash of your personality by adding a coloured ID tag, also courtesy of Tumi. It is also advisable to purchase a piece that boasts wheels for easy movement which can be a must when in a rush! Well sized, high quality wheels can help eliminate the tipping over of your luggage and will make even the heaviest luggage bags easier to handle.

For luggage that screams style and charm, look no further than Tumi. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, a Tumi carry-on luggage piece will provide you with the size, weight and design you strive for, making travel a breeze.

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