A man uses a custom professional backpack on his way to work

Why you Should Give Your Employees a Custom Professional Backpack

A man uses a custom professional backpack on his way to work

Your employees deserve a custom professional backpack. Your employees WANT a custom professional backpack. There are many reasons that you should give your employees a custom professional backpack. 

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever received a gift that receiving a gift is nice. But what many business owners, managers, executives, and HR directors may not realize is that giving your employees gifts can pay huge dividends. Let’s look at why.

Benefits of High-end Corporate Gifting

Before we circle back to custom backpacks specifically, let’s quickly talk about corporate gifting more generally. We are living in a time where employee satisfaction is more important than ever. While it has always been important to keep employees happy from a productivity perspective, it’s becoming increasingly clear that satisfaction is crucial from a retention perspective. 

That’s not to imply that giving your employees a gift like a custom professional backpack can correct a toxic work environment, but it can certainly help to improve workplace culture, morale, and overall job satisfaction. As this article from AdWeek explains, in 2021:

One of the many challenges that came with working through a pandemic was ensuring company culture stayed intact. Companies have seen a tremendous shift in workers leaving their positions and finding new employment, known by many as the Great Resignation. There are several reasons attributed to this trend, but keeping employees happy is paramount to countering the effects of the Great Resignation. In addition to highly desirable benefits like high salaries, bonuses, PTO, investment options, and professional development, corporate gifts are used to improve moments throughout employees’ days. 

AdWeek concludes that “Companies are coming to the conclusion that an investment in unexpected gifts is worth the money when it positively affects employee happiness.”

Similarly, a gift to a client, in thanks for a referral, for example, goes a very long way to showing your gratitude and helping to ensure more referrals down the road. 

There also seems to be an added benefit to choosing up-scale gifts. AdWeek’s study found that while a coffee mug is nice, an “insulated hand-held appliance capable of keeping beverages hot (or cold) all day” is a better way to show your employees and clients that they matter. People want premium products, and they will generally use them far more, and for far longer than inexpensive trinkets. This is especially important if you put your brand’s name and logo on the gift you send. 

Benefits of Branded Gifts

People want a good quality item–they will value it and they will value the company who gave it to them. Like we said before, your employees WANT a custom professional backpack. And they want a custom backpack with your logo on it. And here’s the secret: not only will they use it, but they will be advertising for you every time they do. As Forbes puts it:

A company with great branding will have an easier time getting employees to feel like they’re involved with something more than just a job. In addition to branding that can help draw in new customers, you also want to invest in the aspects of branding that keep your team motivated. This includes little things like branded apparel and merchandise, but also the look of your entire office space. If you can motivate your employees by creating a sense of unity through branding, you could end up seeing great results all around.

In other words, a custom professional backpack is an investment in your own future.

Custom Backpacks vs Briefcases

You may be wondering why custom backpacks instead of a briefcase. Really, both options are nice, and will make a great impression, but wouldn’t it be great if your recipients took your logo literally EVERYWHERE? Backpacks are great for the boardroom and the gym. No less than the Wall Street Journal published an article singing the praises of the almighty backpack. The article insists: “Enter an office elevator in any city, and you’ll spot nearly as many backpacks as tightly gripped Starbucks cups. While besuited businessmen haven’t entirely abandoned briefcases and messenger bags, the backpack is gaining ground” before concluding, “whether you’re an executive or an intern, a backpack suits the densely stacked schedule.”

Benefits of a Custom Professional Backpack

So let’s put all of these pieces together. We know that high-end gifts make a great impression. We know that if you put your logo on a high-end gift, not only will the recipients use it and feel great about it, but your logo will travel with them everywhere they go. And we know that they are more likely to use a custom professional backpack than a briefcase in the office, on the train, on a family trip, and at the beach. With your logo on it. 

Your employees deserve a custom professional backpack, don’t they?

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