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Why Custom Curated Gift Boxes are the Perfect Gift for Your Employees

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Here we are at the end of another year. But just like last year, this year has been marred by on-again, off-again starts and stops in the office as companies and workers attempt to find their footing during the coronavirus pandemic. However, just because you may have only recently returned to the office or you're now rethinking those holiday festivities, that doesn't mean you shouldn't reward another year of hard work by your employees.

In fact, corporate gifts for employees are a great way to tell your workers that they matter and that you value their contributions. In fact, with custom curated gift boxes, you can get gifts for your employees that they'll actually enjoy. Forget about those gifts that will stay at a desk until they're cleaned out in a few months -- corporate gifts don't have to be the same boring thing year after year.

What Are Custom Curated Gift Boxes?

Since it can be difficult to get that precise gift that's on each employee's wish list this holiday season, why not wow your employees with gifts from the world's hottest brands? Here at Lead Apparel, we provide companies branding opportunities with desirable merchandise that your employees actually want, all packaged as a custom curated gift box. 

From Nike to Patagonia, Tumi, North Face, YETI, JBL and other partnerships, we offer desirable merchandise to companies that want to up their branding game by associating themselves with the best brands out there. How about a great North Face puffy jacket for your highest performers? Or what about some comfortable Nike or Under Armour hoodies for the office or branded luggage for employees that always seem to be on the road?

Simply choose the products that resonate with you and your employees and we'll print or embroider your company logo so that each gift features a reminder of the camaraderie and the overall team that you've built. Instead of gifts that are quickly forgotten by the new year, our custom gift boxes allow you to curate gifts that each employee receives while you benefit from buying in bulk and the company benefits from these unique co-branding opportunities.

Better yet, with all the products we have on offer, you'll be able to find a custom gift for each employee -- and any leftovers can easily be given out to clients, family and friends.

Why Give Employees Custom Gift Boxes?

While some employers may doubt the efficacy of gift-giving during the holiday season, those that would like to reward their employees and foster better employer-employee relationships know that corporate gifts can make all the difference. Not only can it grab the employee that may feel disconnected from their peers in the office, but it's also a great way to punctuate the year and to celebrate another year of successful initiatives and work. 

Furthermore, with our branded apparel and other custom gift ideas, you'll be able to splurge on your employees without making them feel uncomfortable. Because they're branded, that expensive jacket or luggage will be seen as a token of their hard work, and the logo up front will always remind them of what it's all for. Some companies may try to tie gift-giving to performance, but you'll do better as a company -- and avoid some sideways glances -- if you get custom curated gift boxes for everyone. 

The breadth of products we offer makes it easy to mix and match for different departments or employees, and that little touch of customization will go a long way towards fostering better relationships between management and workers. The fact that you thought enough about your employees to get them a gift box is one thing, but customizing it to their tastes and preferences takes the gesture to a whole new level. A custom gift box is also far better than a generic gift card or bottle of alcohol, and is also much more appreciated.

In addition to feeling noticed or valued, custom curated gift boxes can encourage a greater feeling of connection and a desire to stay at a company versus looking elsewhere. That can help you retain good talent through the holiday season, as well as increasing job satisfaction and loyalty throughout the year. At the end of the day, those memorable branded gifts will encourage employees to work harder and to get more out of each day knowing that their contributions are recognized and valued. 

Gift the Right Thing, Not Just Anything

Many employers incorrectly think that simply giving a gift is enough. But the most important part of holiday gift giving may just be in giving a gift that's actually appreciated. In fact, most employees report their last holiday gift as being highly forgettable. That's no surprise given the amount of impersonal gifts given to employees each holiday season, but this year you have a chance to actually do something about it.

With Lead Apparel in your corner, you'll be able to line up countless desirable gifts for your employees while also reaffirming your brand. Not only will your employees be able to use the items in their custom curated gift boxes for years, they'll incorporate that into better business decisions and better work throughout the year.

Get started today by browsing our custom curated gifts!

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