Unique Custom Corporate JBL Audio Gifts

Unique Custom Corporate JBL Audio Gifts

Headphones provide sound directly to your ears, and speakers provide sound for an area. Some folks love headphones, others prefer speakers, but businesses know that providing good quality audio equipment, whether it be speakers or headphones, to employees, clients, and prospects is paramount. Custom corporate JBL speakers and headphones are an example of good quality equipment to give as gifts. 

Who is JBL? It is an American company founded by James Bullough Lansing that manufactures headphones, speakers, and other audio equipment. The company is owned by Harman International Industries, which the famous Samsung Electronics own. Harman is a global leader in professional audio, connected car technology, etc.

Let's look at some of the reasons why companies would want corporate JBL speakers and headphones to give as gifts to employees, clients, and prospects.

They Want Clients to Feel Special So They Will Continue to Do Business

The purpose of clients is to buy a product or service from you and contribute to your bottom line – profits. Without profits, your company ceases to exist. However, when a company sets aside a portion of their budget for client gifts, that could be a good move.

Your clients are already happy enough with you to become a client, and more importantly, stay a client. Giving them gifts endears them to your company even more and contributes to them remembering how good the company is to them. 

Custom JBL headphones, such as the Live 400 BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones, are a high-quality gift that a company can customize with a logo or a name. So not only can the client receive good quality headphones, but they can be customized, making them even more personal and unique. Every time clients use the headphones, they may think about the company that gave the headphones to them. 

They Want Prospects to Feel Special So They Will Become Customers

It's one thing to send gifts to clients, but what about prospects? Yes, it's a good idea to send gifts to prospects, as well. However, it's also good to avoid the usual suspects, such as gift cards or bottles of wine. To stand out to prospects, it’s good to send a unique gift

An example of a unique gift is the custom JBL speakers such as the Go 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Not only are portable Bluetooth speakers a popular item currently in the 21st century, but customizing such speakers with logos or names adds a special touch.

Sending such a gift to a prospective client, along with a "thank you for your interest" card, is an excellent way to stay in the mind of a prospective client and draw them in a bit closer. 

They Want Employees to Feel Special to Increase Their Performance and Encourage Loyalty

Giving gifts to employees is a great way to show that you appreciate them and to endear them to the company. They will consider it a perk of working for the company, and they are likely to express to others how happy they are to have received the gift. In fact, in The Power of Employee Appreciation surveys published by GlassDoor, 53 percent of the employees polled said they would stay longer if they felt appreciated by their bosses. Furthermore, 46 percent of employees said they felt better appreciated when they receive unexpected gifts from their bosses.

What is a good gift to give employees? One idea is custom corporate JLB earbuds, such as the Truly Wireless Ear-bud Headphones. Employees would appreciate these wireless earbuds due to how popular earbuds are and because wireless earbuds are quickly replacing traditional earbuds. It is a gift that employees would use often and constantly remind them of what the company is willing to do for its employees. 

For the wide selection of custom JBL speakers and headphones, shop now at Lead Apparel. Lead allows companies, teams, and organizations to customize various name-brand items with logos or names. When a company gives a unique custom JBL corporate gift to a client, prospect, or employee, there's a good chance it will leave an impact.

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