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Top 6 Custom Business Bags Ideas to Use in 2021

Custom Bags

Custom business bags are the best way to gift your employees with something they’ll use daily on their commute — and when they travel for meetings, trade shows or seminars

Business bags are useful and generate brand awareness when staff (or even clients) use the customized bags in their free time.

So, if you’re looking for options to customize a bag with your company logo, check out 6 ideas below!

#1 Laptop bags

Laptop bags are perhaps one of the most versatile business bags for employees. Not only do they protect laptops, but have plenty of compartments to organize documents, stationery, headphones, tools, and even clothing neatly.

Any employee will make good use of a high-quality laptop bag. And if you place your logo on the bag, it’s free advertising on their daily commute (or even days off if they decide to use it for leisure).

Here are some laptop bag recommendations:

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#2 Backpacks

Most companies choose regular backpacks as business gear and we understand why — they work for most employees and are easy to customize.

And backpacks are always of great use to staff and clients alike. They aren’t the type of gear to collect dust and will be used almost daily for work commutes or leisure.

Here are some backpack recommendations: 

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#3 Cinch packs

Cinch packs are great not only for the gym, the great outdoors, or a nice vacation — they are perfect for office workers that pack light.

Some employees think backpacks can be too heavy for their needs and a cinch pack is the ideal, lightweight choice (for example, developers sometimes only bring snacks to the workplace).

And if you place your company logo on the cinch pack, it’s brand awareness when your team hits the gym or goes on vacation!

Here are some cinch pack recommendations:

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#4 Hip packs

Formerly hated by most, the hip pack (a.k.a. fanny pack) has become trendy in the past years. And in 2021, it’s still a trendy fashion piece for younger generations.

If your company has a millennial or gen z workforce, a hip pack could be a great option for them to pack light while going to the office or even having fun with friends on weekends.

Here are some hip pack recommendations:

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#5 Travel bags

With restrictions easing in 2021, travel will get back on track soon. And if you have a business with c-suite and managers that need to travel frequently for meetings and events, then a company logo travel bag is the perfect gift.

Not only will they be representing your company during the trip, but also it’s a way of showing your gratitude to these employees that travel for meetings and have to spend precious time away from their families.

And not only c-suite or managers enjoy travel bags — everyone does! A travel bag is a gift that will definitely be used by your team and showcase your brand on their vacations.

Here are some travel bag recommendations:

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#6 Toiletry bags

Toiletry bags are perhaps one of the most overlooked bags: anyone who buys one sees how much they are a life-changer when traveling with personal hygiene products, shampoo, perfumes, and makeup.

Toiletry bags keep everything organized, avoid spillage, and also make travel easy by being an accessible bag for airport security to check out the contents of your toiletries.

Here are some toiletry bag recommendations:

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