Keep Your Employees Active with Custom North Face Fleeces

Keep Your Employees Active with Custom North Face Fleeces


When it comes to your employees, you want them to know their value.

And what better way to showcase how much you value them by giving them gifts they actually want?

Let’s be honest--who really needs (or wants, more importantly) another mug or pen?

No one.

Your employees want gifts they can actually use, gifts they actually like.

This year, as you plan your corporate gifting strategy, consider giving your employees custom North Face fleeces that they’ll use again and again.

Benefits of Corporate Gifting 

Corporate gifting is a $125 billion industry. That figure alone should be a testament to its efficacy. 

In addition to the sheer size of the industry, benefits you can anticipate when you introduce a corporate gifting strategy include:


When you gift your employees something they actually desire and value, you build loyalty. And that loyalty extends well beyond goodwill that resonates from the gift itself--it can result in more dedication to your culture, higher performance, a longer tenure, and a stronger relationship overall.

Work Performance

69% of employees state they would work harder if they felt valued. So make them feel valued with a high-end gift, like a custom North Face fleece.

Reduced Stress

Stress can result in more sick days, lack of performance, and loss of morale, not to mention the other physical and emotional tolls it takes on your employees.

When you gift your employees a high-end item, you reassure them that they matter and that they are seen. This small validation can go a long way in stress reduction.

How Activity Impacts Employee Morale

It’s no secret that activity is good for all of us.

However, lack of activity can not only impact your employees’ health, it can impact their work performance.

Research states that physically active individuals sleep 70% more than their counterparts and report depression 26% less frequently.

Both of these statistics can have a big impact on how your em[ployees perform on a day-to-day basis. When you gift them an item that encourages outdoor activity, you subtly guide them toward a more active lifestyle. Gifts like a custom North Face fleece can help employees feel enthusiastic about getting outside and getting active.

Custom North Face Fleeces

Regardless of your corporate branding strategy, you can’t go wrong with gifting your employees a custom North Face fleece.

The highly visible and desirable outdoor gear brand will be sure to delight your employees, encouraging them to explore the great outdoors and encourage increased activity.

When you opt to gift your employees custom North Face fleeces from Lead Apparel, you not only gain a lasting, tangible token of your appreciation, but also our dedication to quality.

With tons of custom North Face fleece options to choose from, you can find the right style for your employees or prospects.

In addition to sheer volume of options, we offer a variety of colors, as well as a dedication to ensuring that we get your desired design right every time.

Shop our custom North Face fleeces!

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