Inspire your Employees for a great 2023

Inspire your Employees for a great 2023

Every new year brings an exciting opportunity for a fresh start and new beginnings. Companies around the world will be looking forward to a great 2023 when they will be able to meet their goals and objectives, generating greater revenue and profit. 

Satisfied and motivated Employees will be crucial to make that a reality. If businesses keep their staff inspired and happy, they will perform better at work. They will also feel more invested in the Company goals and work harder to achieve them. 

But how can Companies keep their Employees inspired throughout the year? A competitive salary naturally comes to mind, but that is only one important factor. For workers nowadays, perks and benefits are just as important. In fact, a study showed that 80 percent of employees would even choose additional benefits over a pay raise. Health and Dental insurance, Retirement packages including a 401k and Company stocks are always on the front of the list.

These are all important perks and motivate Employees to put forth their best efforts. After financial and retirement packages comes an all-important one; Company Culture. A Company's identity and culture has become crucial to reign in top-talent because it's a reflection of the Employee's identity and what they stand for besides their personal career objectives. When somebody works at a high profile company like Tesla, Google or  Nike - we have an immediate impression of the impact they have in the world. This is very powerful when future Employees are considering their options between Companies to work for.

There are many pieces-of-the-puzzle, sort of speak, that contribute to building a Company’s culture; most of which is natural and organic from the Founders vision and how that resonates with Employees and Customers. The messaging around the Company’s product or service, the office environment, dress code, perks & benefits, parties, career advancement opportunities and Customer reviews, etc. are all important factors. Now let's look at some of these points in more detail below. 

1- Recognition and appreciation  

Appreciation can be as simple as saying ‘thank you’ to your staff when they do a good job, or it can be expressed in the form of a thoughtful gift. Companies tend to overlook this point but it is crucial for creating goodwill with your workers.

Employees are likely to feel more motivated and engaged if their work is valued and appreciated. Workers will likely feel a sense of achievement if their contributions to projects are acknowledged. It would be disappointing for them if managers don’t notice their good work.  

2- More flexibility 

Remote working is not an option for all workplaces. However, there are plenty of Companies who are now embracing this mode of working as they become aware of its benefits. According to an Upwork study, 22 percent of the American workforce will be remote by 2025. 

Remote working is not for everyone but many Employees tend to do a far better job when they have the option to work from home. Flexibility is an important factor that millennials rate very highly. However, it doesn’t only mean the option of remote working, rather it entails freedom for employees to set their own time. 

For many workers, it is more convenient to work early in the morning while others feel more comfortable working later in the day. Businesses could make a great difference for their employees by letting them suggest their own times. 

3- Professional development and training 

Employees will not hesitate to leave their Companies if they feel like they are stagnant. Professional development is a huge priority for industrious workers who are always looking to increase their proficiency and add new skill sets. According to a study by BetterBuys, around 68 percent of workers say training and development is the most important work policy. 

Professional development and training unlocks the potential of Employees. They will feel more prepared for their tasks and also feel more invested in their business goals.  

4- Good work-life balance 

Work-life balance is one of the most important factors for employees looking for a new job. No-one will appreciate a great pay if long office hours are leaving them no time for family life. 

Employee burnout is a very real thing. It is chronic workplace stress where workers feel general dissatisfaction with their work and multiple levels of exhaustion. Such employees are far less productive and could cost an organization heavily. 

Your staff needs proper rest time to help the mind refocus and rejuvenate. Otherwise, their hours at the office will not be very productive for businesses. Therefore, a good work-life balance is very important that companies should definitely consider. 

5- Gifting your employees 

Corporate gifting is a $242 billion industry, with Companies understanding the importance of gifting to employees. They are very effective in improving the relationship with workers. 

Gifts are more than just mere words of appreciation. They are physical items that stay with them, serving as a reminder of the Company’s generosity and thoughtfulness each time they use the product. But to have the desired effect, gifting a quality product is necessary. 

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