Increase Brand Identity with Employees & Clients this year

Increase Brand Identity with Employees & Clients this year

We have entered 2023, a year for fresh ideas and new horizons. Companies will be targeting greater revenue and profit but in many cases, marketing objectives rank just as high as sales. Sales and Marketing go hand-in-hand and the name of the game is to increase brand awareness to Clients, Prospects and Employees. 

Yes, it’s a competitive landscape and you’re aware of the importance of reaching new customers and nourishing existing customers through your marketing efforts. The visual tone, brand identity, clear message and an incredible product has to be conveyed quickly to gain momentum for a possible conversion.

One caveat to the current shotgun marketing cycle we find ourselves in, is tangible company gifts. When done right, these products stay in the same house or office of the recipient for many years to come. In most cases, these happen to be the most important people in your Company.

When was the last time you threw away a North Face jacket? YETI tumbler? JBL Waterproof speaker? Tumi bag? You don’t… and that’s why this is a powerful channel for Companies to leave a strong and lasting impression on the people that count. 

Increase your brand identity with employees and clients this year with corporate gifting 

Corporate gifting is the act of engaging with your customers, employees, clients or prospects through the use of a gift. It is a highly effective method to make a positive impression and create an everlasting connection with the recipient. More and more companies are embracing this method to build a rapport with their workers and clients. According to a Coresight research study, the United States corporate gifting market will reach $306 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 8.1%. 

Employees put in all the hard work to keep the edifice of your business sparkling. They deserve recognition and appreciation for their industry and dedication. Expressing your gratitude through words of appreciation and encouragement is a good idea, but a gift would be a much more concrete and effective method. There is something very personal and special about receiving a handy item from the Company and it goes a long way to build goodwill with the Employees. 

A Johnnie O Birdie Polo gift goes beyond mere words and serves as a constant reminder of the Company’s generosity and thoughtfulness each time it is used. The power of branded merchandise lies in the fact that they are tangible, something people can touch, feel and use in their everyday lives. 

Some exciting employee gifts for 2023

Here at LeadApparel, we have listed a few exciting gifts that will help you inspire your Employees in 2023. 

MagGo Magnetic Battery 

Charging can be messy with a lot of cables but MagGo Magnetic Battery has made it easier and more convenient for everyone. The device magnetically attaches to the back of the phone, providing wireless charge along with a strong attachment. It is portable, features slim design and also has a built-in stand, meaning you can wirelessly charge upright, anywhere. 

Osprey Nebula Pack 

Why should you give an Osprey Nebula Pack to your employees? Because it is a simple and highly functional item that is universally liked. 

This elegant backpack keeps all your essentials organized and easily accessible. It is very easy to carry and is an excellent choice for everyday commutes or weekend getaways. 

Corkcicle Commuter Cup

Choosing a gift can be a difficult task. What appeals to one person shouldn’t necessarily be appealing for everyone. However, there are some items that are almost universally liked and appreciated. 

A Corkcicle Commuter Cup is just one such gift which maintains cold beverages for up to 18 hours and hot beverages for up to 5 hours. This spill proof cup is perfect for the modern traveler, the city dweller or anyone who needs a quick sip. It is practical and efficient, and also offers a beautiful design. 

Under Armor quarter-zip 

Quarter-zips are a fantastic go-to item for everyone’s wardrobe. They are versatile, they are fashionable, and they are ideal for layering on chilly days. They also look great on everyone and work well with almost everything. 

The Under Armour Ladies Command Quarter-zip offers a very stylish look but its loose fit means it is highly comfortable too. Its material wicks sweat and dries quickly. The body is 100 percent polyester while the overlay is 100 percent nylon. 

Under Armour Men’s Tech Polo 

Tech polos are lightweight & super comfortable, they dry really fast and are suitable to wear on a wide range of occasions, from outdoor barbecues to trips to the shops. The Under Armour Men’s Tech Polo offers textured fabric that is soft, light and breathable, while its anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes. If you are looking to inspire your employees this year, then you couldn’t find a better item than this. 

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