Improve Company Culture with Custom Corporate Nike Polos

Improve Company Culture with Custom Corporate Nike Polos

Improve Company Culture with Custom Corporate Nike Polos

Are you running out of ideas for boosting company culture at your organization?

If you’ve tried everything from team building activities to happy hours, then read on because this post is for you. 

Whether you’re looking to attract the best talent, or retain the skilled workers you currently have on your roster, your culture needs to be attractive. 

In fact, 46% of job searchers say that culture plays a significant role in whether they apply at a company. 

That’s a huge statistic--that means nearly half of all your potential employees are weighing your culture against your competitors’. 

And while changing or improving your culture is not something that can happen overnight, there are incremental steps and strategies you can employ to make your employees, clients, prospects, and potential employees feel truly valued and connected.

How Can I Improve Company Culture?

As we mentioned above, transforming your company’s culture (not to mention your employees’ perception of your company culture) doesn’t happen overnight. But by enacting the four steps and strategies below, you can make a big difference in a short amount of time


Being transparent in all of your business decisions and development is vital to improving company culture. Without visibility into nearly all components of your organization's operation, employees can lose trust in your decisions, as well as feeling uninvolved in the company’s evolution and growth. 


You know that your employees have lives outside the confines of their day jobs. Be flexible with schedules and working from home, demonstrating to your employees that you truly value their work-life-balance. 

Prioritize Team Building 

Your employees spend every day with each other. To ensure that they function more like teams than disparate groups, be sure to prioritize team building. This can mean different things for every team within your organization. For some it may mean a tri-weekly meeting off site, and for others it may mean a monthly happy hour. Work with your leaders to determine what works for their teams. 

High-End Corporate Branded Gifts

Over your career, how many corporate gifts have you received that found their way to the bottom of a drawer?

Probably more than a few.

Your employees deserve high-end corporate branded gifts, like custom corporate Nike polos. 

When you opt to gift your employees something from a coveted, expensive brand, you’re demonstrating how much you value them. In fact, 69% of employees state they would work harder if they were better treated--and what better way to treat your employees than by gifting them a stylish, sleek custom corporate Nike polo. 

Do Branded Gifts Really Help Improve Morale?

Without getting into the psychology of gift-giving, we can confidently say that yes, branded gifts do help improve morale.

In addition to impacting general happiness in the workplace, branded gifts can impact two distinct areas:


When you demonstrate your appreciation for employees with a high-value item like a custom Nike polo, you build loyalty. And that loyalty yields a lasting relationship that is beneficial to both your organization and your employee’s overall job satisfaction. 


Beyond loyalty, gifting high-end corporate gifts to your employees can help foster a connection. 

In a survey, employees who received a gift they termed memorable were 45% said they felt increased connection to the company.  

These sentiments can foster higher productivity, output, and a longer tenure at your organization. 

As you select a corporate gift for your employees, keep the term memorable in mind and let its meaning guide you to your gift selection.  

Custom Corporate Nike Polos 

While there are a lot of options on the market for the thoughtful gifter, when you choose to gift your employees custom corporate Nike polos, you underline how valuable your workers truly are. 

In addition, you convey that you understand you employees’ desires--you know that they appreciate the athletic brand and the investment you’re making on their behalf

When you choose to gift your clients or employees or customers corporate Under Armour shirts from Lead Apparel, you not only gain a lasting, tangible token of your appreciation, but also our dedication to quality. 

With tons of custom corporate Nike polo options to choose from, you can find the right style for your employees or prospects. 

In addition to sheer volume of options, we offer a variety of colors, as well as a dedication to ensuring that we get your desired design right every time.

When it comes to making a decision about custom corporate Nike polos, just do it. 

Shop our custom corporate Nike polos!
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