How to Choose the Best Custom Embroidered Hat for Your Company

How to Choose the Best Custom Embroidered Hat for Your Company

Custom Embroidered Hats

Are you in need of custom logo embroidered hats? At Lead Apparel, you’ll find custom embroidered baseball hats, snapbacks and more.

All you need to do is select the hat style you prefer and in under 72 hours, we’ll send you a mockup.

Giving a great looking custom hat to your clients and prospects will keep your brand top-of-mind with them for years to come.

The type of hat is very important:  It must be a desirable brand and good looking. We suggest Nike, Under Armour, TravisMathew, Ogio, Flexfit and North Face as brands you should consider. 

Read below to check out the best customizable hats for your company!

Ask your employees

If you want to be sure you’re making the right choice, make a poll with your staff of the customizable hats.

Then you’ll have a clear overview of which hat style they prefer (snapback, structured, beanie, etc) instead of guessing.

So to make sure you get the headgear your staff will like it’s simple — just ask!

We recommend you buy more than one hat style (for example trucker hats and beanies) so you can cater to two clothing styles.

Choose a hat style that fits with your brand

What do we mean with hat style?

Let’s say for example your company is traditional and has a long history with local clients. Perhaps a mesh cap would fit better than a beanie for example.

But if you have a millennial or gen z workforce, the beanie might be the best option! That’s why you need to consider the branding and the demographics of your company for this choice.

A good idea is to ask your designers to have a say on how the fashion piece will impact the branding and client perception before making the purchase.

Custom Hat

How to customize the hats

You can place your company logo on the front or back of the hats. All you need to do is select the hat you wish to customize and then send us the logo.

In up to 72 hours we’ll have a mockup ready for you to evaluate. If needed, we can edit the logo.

If you purchase in bulk, you get a discount! So we recommend you buy a surplus of hats for your staff or even as gifts for loyal clients.

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What kind of hats can I customize?

At Lead Apparel, you can customize the following hat styles with your logo:

And there are more hat categories you can customize with your logo. Just click on the link below to check them out:

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