How To Choose a Custom Embroidered Jacket

How To Choose a Custom Embroidered Jacket

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It's true that no one can resist the allure of free swag. And when it comes to the all-important and utilitarian jacket, there's a lot more demand for those than, say, a free t-shirt or hat. After all, custom embroidered jackets say a lot about your company and how you look after your own, and that can spill over and create a good impression in the hearts and minds of the public when they see your logo or company name embroidered on a great looking jacket.

But with so many jackets to choose from, it's hard to know where to start if you'd like to order custom embroidered jackets for your team. From warm and plush winter jackets to thin and light track jackets and even fleece jackets for the ultimate in comfort, there's a lot to consider. But picking out the right jacket is more important than picking out a shirt because a jacket can be worn every day, which isn't something that we'd suggest for any other company swag.

Pick a Brand

Before you can pick a size, color, cut or style, you need to pick the brand. Some bands may resonate better with your company or your employees, so it's not like you should surprise your workers with something out of left field. If they won't want to wear it, there's little reason to buy it. Consider running a survey or asking your employees what brands they like so that you can narrow down that search for the perfect custom embroidered jacket -- when it's all said and done there will be more smiles than disappointments!

From Carhartt to Columbia, Eddie Bauer, Nike, Patagonia, Puma and North Face -- if there's a desirable jacket brand out there, odds are that we can put your company logo or name on the front or back of it -- or both! Our custom embroidered jackets put your company on front and back in the exact size and colors you'd like. For something minimal, go with a small, tasteful logo on the front. But if you really want to make a statement, supersize that logo, on the back so that no one would confuse that jacket for anything but company property. Logos that are over 4” do have an increased price per piece. 

Decide on a Jacket Style

After picking a brand, the next step in designing your very own custom embroidered jackets is to decide on a jacket style. Jackets may come in all shapes and sizes, but it's likely the case that your employees will resonate with one style of jacket over the other. Furthermore, the style of jacket you select says a lot about who you are as a company and the types of people that may be interested in your goods or services, so it's not a decision to be taken lightly.

Sure the point of a jacket may be to keep you warm or dry, but many jackets are worn because of how they look or feel, and whether you go with a custom embroidered fleece jacket or track jacket -- or something else entirely -- you'll have to consider more than just the practical application. 

When deciding on a jacket style, it can also help to consider your location. Obviously, you wouldn't want to get hot parkas for your team if you're in a warmer location that would rarely need them, and it also doesn't make sense to purchase rain jackets if it rarely rains in your area.

Pick a Color That Suits Your Team

Once you have your brand and jacket style nailed down, it's time to pick a color that suits your team. While that vibrant yellow custom embroidered jacket may be great to make a bold statement, your employees and clients may not wear it if it's too loud for everyday life. That's why most jackets are black, gray or some neutral color so that they go well with the other items of clothing in someone's closet.

That said, if a jacket's color matches one of your company colors or accents, it can be a great way to reaffirm your brand without any extra effort. Blues and greens are great for trades, and white or silver can give a futuristic or forward-looking impression to customers and the general public. 

Get Several in Every Size

The last item of consideration when ordering custom embroidered jackets online is to get several of each size. You might not need an extra-small or extra-large jacket today, but if you ever do need it you'll have one on hand to give to that interview prospect or during your next big event. Besides, there are always ways that you can offload excess supply such as holding a raffle or encouraging more email signups or participation on social media in exchange for a custom embroidered jacket.

From Your Friends at Lead Apparel

Here at Lead Apparel, we know all about the power of branded clothing. That's why we're making it our mission to help businesses get the best custom embroidered jackets and apparel for their employees, clients and customers -- and that means your company logo or name on great apparel that people actually want to wear. Get started here.

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