Designing Your Custom Under Armour Apparel

Designing Your Custom Under Armour Apparel

Love Under Armour fashion and products? Not sure how to design these clothing designs with your branding? Custom Under Armour apparel can easily be enhanced with your logo by following a few guidelines. Our Under Armour apparel sets off your logo and puts your brand front and center to an audience of potential clients, present customers, employees and potential employees. What's more, you can ask for adjustment, from our standard sizes, of your logo size when checking out. 

Our Under Armour collection ranges from unisex t-shirts, hoodies and jackets to backpacks. Here are some guidelines for designing the clothing that presents your brand with style and pzazz.

What are some of the Under Armour apparel products?

You can find the Under Armour brand to enhance your brand in the following categories:

  • Bags
  • Button Downs
  • Hats
  • Jackets
  • Polos
  • Sweatshirts
  • T-shirts

Jackets to keep you comfy or protect from rain

Embellish a jacket with a custom embroidery logo on the right or left chest or back neck. Sleeves are another option. You can also add your employee's name. This can be done on the sleeves or left or right chest.

Embroidered logos will stand out and represent your company with style. Printed logos are also a choice.

What are the sizes for logos?

The following can be a standard guide for the look of the width of the logo; its height will adjust proportionately:

Left / Right Chest 3” to 3.50”

Left / Right Sleeve 2” to 2.50”

Back / Front Neck 3” to 3.50”

Front /Back Center 10” to 12”

Adjustments can be made if requested. Your designers can request sizes that are not our standard sizes. There is a place for that at the end of the ordering.

Custom Under Armour Backpacks

Backpacks will have a logo that is centered on the front of the item. Use the guideline of 10" to 12" for size. A black fabric background sets off the design and adds simplicity. A great thing to remember: You can adjust the size of your logo when you check out by a request in the Notes section.

Softshells and more

We also have custom Under Armour polo shirts and custom custom Under Armour hoodies. Hoodies and softshells look great with a logo on the chest. Choose from a left or right position. 

Custom Under Armour polo shirts

Short sleeve polos can also have a logo or name on the sleeve. Just choose which sleeve. Design the logo for the left or right chest. Polos come in a range of styles, from striped polos to solids. 

Corporate playoff polos came in beautiful colors that will put your logo in the spotlight, whether at a gold match or informal meeting. Add a name to the chest or sleeve for a distinguishing and unique feature.

Will you receive a proof?

Yes, you will receive an electronic proof with all logo orders. It will need to be approved before we print or embroider your merchandise. You should receive it within two days of placing your order. That will be the time to finalize your design, making changes if needed to assure that your logo will be placed correctly.

Custom apparel gives you choices; decide on the color, placement and size of your logo as well the addition of a person's name. Add to that, the quality and variety that Under Armour products bring to your organization.

Impress your clients as well as employees with designed custom Under Armour apparel that speaks of your organization and service. Potential prospects or future employees may also enjoy receiving a gift of Under Armour corporate apparel, a kind reminder of your company. It serves several purposes. 

Did you know that you could have a company branded web store that allows employees to order at their convenience? Directions for ordering are on the pages; you could also gather them together to talk about placing an order, placement of the logo, etc. Spreadsheets with sizes and colors will be eliminated by your custom web store.

Shop Now. You'll find our collection here. From there you can choose a whole range of Under Armour products to enhance with a custom design. 

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