A holiday gift given to an employee

Custom Corporate Under Armour Hoodies: the Perfect Holiday Gift

A holiday gift given to an employee

Whether your employees are spending their time working from home or they're all back in the office, it's a good idea to get them something for the holiday season. That'll help let them know that you value their contributions during this challenging time, and it can also reinvigorate their focus and get them thinking more positively about your company as one more year ticks by. 

But instead of something disposable that could do more harm to your efforts than help -- we're looking at you, cheap totes, throwaway pens and meaningless keychains -- it's better to kick off the holiday season with a great gift. Indeed, if you get your employees the wrong gift, it could not only be a waste of time and money, it could work against the entire initiative of sending a message to your employees that you value their work.

Step Up Your Swag Game With Custom Under Armour Hoodies

Rather than some meaningless company swag that is neither appreciated nor valued, it's never been a better time to give your employees their very own custom corporate Under Armour hoodies. As a desirable piece of merchandise in their own right, Under Armour hoodies are worn by just about everyone whether they like to wear them around the house or during that next brisk workout. And the best part is that this is a piece of swag that your employees will actually appreciate.

While most employers may simply want to opt for a simple gift card or some kind of negligible gift that can be given to everyone and anyone, these gifts are neither valued nor remembered a short while after they're given. But custom Under Armour sweatshirts and personalized Under Armour hoodies are items that your employees would buy with their own money, and that makes them significantly more valuable and desirable. And when you're giving those kinds of items away to your employees, you'll be sending a positive message that you value their input and contributions.

Avoid Those Gifting Pitfalls

Among the worst gifts that employees can receive are often the staples that employers give their workers because it's easy. Things like gift cards, food, alcohol and other items may be appreciated in the moment, but they're also likely to be quickly forgotten, if they're even consumed or used at all. A few days or weeks later, those gifts have long since faded from memory, which hardly leaves a lasting effect or a benefit to the issuing employer.

On the other hand, custom corporate Under Armour hoodies are a great way to reward your employees for a job well done. Not only are they desirable pieces of athletic wear in their own right, but they're also made to stand the test of time. After all, your employees could wear those Under Armour hoodies with your company's name on them for years, and each time they wear it they'll be reminded of their employer and that time that they received the perfect holiday gift.

In fact, employees often report that the best gifts are ones that they can use again and again. Items such as branded apparel, useful backpacks and other items that have real staying power are much more valuable to employees than a gift that comes and goes as quickly as it was given. 

If you're ready to reward your employees with premium swag like custom Under Armour hoodies and other desirable apparel and products, you need the power of a powerful partner like Lead Apparel. We'll take your logo and put it on branded apparel that your employees already want, and that can make for a much better experience come this holiday gift giving season. Shop our custom corporate Under Armour hoodies today!

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