Best Employee Gifts for the Holidays

Best Employee Gifts for the Holidays

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Best Employee Gifts for the Holidays

The season’s festivities and cheer are upon us! What could be a better time to reward your employees’ hard work and commitment to the organization? This holiday, reward them with the best employee gifts for the holiday season. Consider going beyond the cash incentive programs and other impersonal gifts that tend to say more about company culture or a lackadaisical approach to gift-giving -- here are some holiday gift ideas for employees that won't leave your workers wondering what they might have done to deserve such a gift. 

It all starts with a gift that your employees actually want. That's because most corporate gift-giving festivities are often more about getting rid of excess stock and other tchotchkes that are meant as throwaway promotional items rather than actual gifts. But just because you want that merchandise to serve company goals doesn't mean that you need to keep creating and giving out that bad swag out at the end of each year.

In fact, employee gift ideas for Christmas are easy to come by when you're working with great products that your employees already want. By attaching your logo to reputable, name-brand apparel and goods that your employees desire, you'll get the best of both worlds -- branded gear that you can give to employees for a great year of work as well as plenty of merchandise to bring to trade shows and share with your best clients and connections.

Let's take a look at some of the best employee gifts for the holidays.

Branded Nike Apparel

It's one of the most recognizable brands on earth, and your employees likely already have, or want to have, a closetful of Nike apparel that is trendy, made well and has built-in brand recognition. That makes Nike branded apparel some of the best employee gifts for the holidays or any time of year, especially when that Nike gear also features your company logo. Whenever they wear that hoodie, long-sleeve shirt or jacket, they'll be reminded of that gift, and that can go a long way towards showing your employees that you care. 

Better yet, if you go beyond the apparel and opt for hats or backpacks, there are even more options to get your employees exactly what they want this holiday season. When in doubt, a nice Nike hooded sweatshirt or athletic jacket could become a staple in the office after the holiday gift-giving, but don't discount a custom Nike backpack that can be used every day to shuttle items to and from the office. That could give 365 days of use out of that branded merch, and that's far better than a gift that your employees may not even remember or still be using by the time work picks up again.

Branded New Era Gear

But if Nike isn't a favorite in the office or the shop, one of the neat things about custom branded apparel and other gear is that you can always switch it up.  New Era is an up and coming brand that offers a broad array of extraordinary quality custom logo hoodies and quarter zips. Your team would be pleased to receive a stylish New Era full-zip hoodie or a warm fleece for those cold days at the office. Plus their custom apparel is available in unique colors - an effective way to further set apart your gifts from other run-of-the-mill products flooding the market! 

With your company name and additional branding on the front or back -- or on the sleeve -- you can show your employees that you care while also committing to even more fun next year. Year after year, one of the best employee gifts for the holidays is branded apparel and other merchandise that shows your employees that you value their contributions while also reminding them of what it's all for. Branded New Era gear is made from the same high-quality textiles and fabrics that you'll find in retail stores, except these pieces of clothing are modified specifically to suit your business and its needs.

Branded Tech Accessories

If another year of branded custom apparel has you worried about being too predictable, you could always go with some cutting-edge tech. They're one of the best employee gifts for the holidays because it's the same kind of tech that your workers are wanting for the holiday season anyway, and when you brand some modern tech with your company logo, your employees will be getting a unique piece that can't be bought in stores. 

From various adapters and chargers that can help your employees keep their devices topped up to power banks that can provide a bit of juice during those long days and evenings, branded tech accessories are functional and desirable -- and the best part is that it'll never be confused with someone else's device on business trips and conferences with that branded logo up front. 

Anker presents an excellent collection of sleek custom wireless chargers and portable and wall chargers. A pioneer in power delivery technology innovation, it crafts charging devices with unparalleled speeds for phones, tablets, and laptops. Another reputable brand in power technology is Belkin - a market leader in power solutions besides protection, productivity, connectivity, audio, security, and home automation products for a diverse range of consumer electronics and enterprise environments. Its accessories are designed to empower people, whether they’re at the workplace, home, or on the go. 

To go truly next level, opt for a branded bluetooth speaker that can get the party started or help quell an uncomfortable silence before that next meeting. Or step things up to a bluetooth speakerphone to enable your associates to set up calls and meetings when they're on the go - a win-win for all parties as they are better positioned to fulfill work and personal commitments easily and quickly, wherever they may be.

If you're looking for the best employee gifts for the holidays, look no further than Lead Apparel. Our branded apparel and merchandise allows you to associate your company with the hottest brands on earth, in addition to creating intrigue and desirability when it comes to your branded gear. Order your holiday gifts today!

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