North Face Jacket

4 Types of Custom North Face Jackets For Your Business

North Face Jacket

Looking for custom North Face jackets for your team (or even clients)?

The North Face is a 50-year brand known for the high quality of its athletic wear. Used by mountaineers that tackled the Himalayas, any jacket by this company is fit to heat up your team on chilly days.

And since gifts are meant to be used, a North Face jacket with your company logo won’t sit in the wardrobe since it is such a coveted brand.

So, check out below 4 jackets by North Face that will look awesome with your company’s branding!

#1 The North Face Triclimate Jacket

This 3-in-1 jacket lets your team change on the fly between cold and rainy protection by shifting layers. It’s an insulated, yet versatile jacket that employees (or even clients) can wear through the winter and rainy seasons.

And it's got a removable hood too, so anybody who thinks it’s a nuisance can take it off.

This jacket comes in black or blue and sizes S – 3XL You can place your company logo on any sleeve or the front or back of this garment.

Check out the Triclimate Jacket!

The North Face Zip Fleece

For the ladies: The North Face Ladies City Trench

Now if you want a similar jacket for the women on your staff, check out the City Trench by North Face.

Made with recycled polyester, this jacket provides wind and rain protection while remaining breathable. That means this isn’t a bulky jacket that’ll make you feel overheated.

Check out the City Trench in sizes S – 2XL!

The North Face Ladies City Trench

#2 The North Face Zip Fleece

A company fleece is great for your staff since it's usable throughout most of the year: hot enough for mild winters and just right for a chilly spring or fall.

And with a quarter-length zipper, you can easily open up the fleece if it heats up during the day. Just what you need to head out on a chilly morning without the nuisance of carrying a heavy jacket.

And this custom North Face fleece jacket comes in 5 colors:

The North Face Zip Fleece

This jacket is also available for women

This quarter-zip fleece is also available for the ladies in 5 colors:

And you can put your company logo on the sleeves, front or back of this fleece!

Similar jackets

Looking for a fleece but in a different style? The North face also offers these customizable fleeces:


#3 The North Face Pullover Hoodie

Hoodies are casual and comfortable wear. That’s why they are a perfect uniform for your team, especially if formality isn’t a concern.

These hoodies will be greatly appreciated by tech workers and creatives in your company – and they’re also a great gift to loyal clients.

This pullover hoodie comes in 5 colors:

And the best thing about this hoodie? It’s unisex and comes in sizes S – 3XL, meaning anyone on your team can pull off this pullover!

 The North Face Pullover Hoodie

#4 The North Face Trekker Vest

A vest is great to add an extra layer whenever the temperature suddenly drops (or for those employees that don’t like the AC).

This vest is very compact and can be folded neatly into a bag without taking up space. And best of all, it's waterproof and provides thermal insulation, meaning you’re set on rainy and chilly days.

This trekker vest comes in black or mid-gray. And for women, you can get this vest in the same colors.

Similar jackets

There are other custom North Face vests you can place your logo on:

The North Face Trekker Vest

More customizable North Face Jackets

We have over 10 North Face jacket models available for men and women of your staff.

All jackets can be customized with your company logo on the sleeves, front or back. And since The North Face is a reputable outdoor gear brand, you can guarantee this is an investment that will be in your staff’s wardrobes for years to come.

The North Face has 50 years of history creating high-quality outdoor gear, starting off in San Francisco by two hiking enthusiasts and taking the world by storm by the 60s and 80s with its emblematic mountain and ski wear.

So, if you want your company jackets to have all this legacy in every thread, check out the link below:

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