Patagonia logo on jacket

4 Corporate Gifts Your Employees Will Love

Patagonia logo on jacket

If you're wondering what to get your employees in 2022, Lead Apparel has your back. From branded apparel to the best in corporate swag and other meaningful accessories, there's no limit to the value of that perfect corporate gift. But the problem is that most companies cheap out when they order gifts for their employees. And a cheap gift with a logo is still a cheap gift.

However, with our corporate gift ideas, you'll be able to get unique gifts for employees whether they're currently in the office or not. Let them know that you value their work and contributions with desirable branded products from the world's leading brands such as Nike, North Face and Tumi. Whether it's a great new puffy jacket for the winter season -- or even just cold days at the office -- or a robust carry-on for those workers that are always on the road, there are countless ways to show workers that they're a valued member of the team with corporate gift ideas for your employees.

Custom Polo Shirts

It's true that the classic polo shirt never goes out of style. Perfect for company events and other times where you'd like to display the power of your united front, the polo shirt is sophisticated yet relaxed, and who doesn't need an extra one of these staples in their closet? Better yet, with Lead Apparel, you'll be able to take that corporate gift to the next level with classic polos from the best brands like Ralph Lauren, Under Armour and Nike, all featuring your company logo or a design of your choosing prominently displayed. 

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Custom Jackets

When you need to take things up a notch, custom jackets from the world's hardest working and reputable brands such as Carhartt, Columbia, Eddie Bauer, Nike, Patagonia and North Face are like the gift that keeps on giving. With all the latest styles as well as classic designs that stand the test of time, custom jackets are the perfect corporate gift for employees in colder climates or that work in shops or outdoors. The best part is that these branded jackets will be able to put in the work season after season, giving your employees another reason to cherish their role and the perks of the holiday gift-giving season.

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Custom Hoodies

For those with more relaxed offices and workspaces, a custom hoodie makes a great corporate gift because they can be layered or worn over a simple t-shirt for that classic office-casual style. Whether you oversee a group of programmers or an office full of workers that understand the versatility of the hoodie, it's true that the hoodie is having somewhat of a moment these days. Hoodies are seen as the pinnacle of high fashion as well as a staple of relaxed looks, and a branded hoodie goes with just about anything and reminds your employees of what it's all for.

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Custom Bags and Luggage

Salespeople, contractors and other employees that may spend much of their time on the road will appreciate one of the best corporate gifts out there. Made to take a beating and keep on ticking, backpacks, carry-ons and other custom luggage from Tumi, Timbuk2 and North Face are made for the rigors of the road. Year after year, they'll provide safety and security for belongings while sporting a great custom logo. Salespeople will love how the branded logo gives them a jumping off point for a conversation while other employees will appreciate the upgrade to their tired and worn-out bags and luggage.

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Get the Right Corporate Gift From Lead Apparel

Here at Lead Apparel, we offer companies the best apparel and accessories that are desired by your employees and workers. Our custom embroidery and screen printing is done right, which helps foster team spirit in and out of the office. Get started by ordering your custom corporate gifts today!

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