Patagonia jackets with your custom embroidered logo available at Lead Apparel

Patagonia jackets with your custom embroidered logo available at Lead Apparel

It's always nice to get a gift from your company, preferably a large bonus or more vacation days. But coming in  2nd place, to be handed company logo clothing is pretty nice if you love where you work and especially if it's a Patagonia piece. For companies looking to send a jolt of euphoria through their employees, give them a Patagonia jacket with the company logo custom embroidered.  

The Patagonia legacy began with extreme climbers and outdoor enthusiasts which is still the core but now the brand has become a first choice from quality driven people around the world. And for good reason, it still has a luxury look & feel while maintaining the Patagonia standard for fabric, construction and durability. When the jackets are issued to Employees, they will wear that piece for years to come if not decades.    

Lead Apparel is proud to offer its' customers Patagonia options. "We have Customers who are always looking for something unique, items that not only promote the brand but something Employees and Clients will value.  Patagonia is this sort of option" says Lead Apparel President Justin Hoehn.

The Patagonia Puffy Jacket

Patagonia made the puffy jacket a phenomenon. Although many try to replicate the look and feel, only Patagonia has perfected it. With a lightweight, down-sweater insulation, a 100% recycled polyester shell and traceable down, Patagonia focuses on the a combination of feel and performance.  

            Patagonia Women's                                    Patagonia Men's                
      Down Sweater Jacket Cobalt                   Down Sweater Classic Navy

                  Patagonia Men's                                 Patagonia Women's
       Nano-Puff Jacket Andes Blue               Down Sweater Jacket Black


The Patagonia Fleece

There are many fleece options in the market so how does one choice surpass another?  

It's about unique designs that still feel like Patagonia but progressing performance and comfort at the same time. Lightweight yet durable, insulated but breathes


                Patagonia Men's                                        Patagonia Men's
    Synchilla Snap-T Fleece Nickel                 R1 Fleece Pullover Classic Nvy

Knowing the care Patagonia has from the beginning of the production process to the end; the transparent supply chain is uncovered in the Patagonia footprint chronicles, using traceable down, recyclable polyester, organic cotton, promoting fair trade in all continents, worker safety standards, the list goes on.  

When you're considering a premium gift to your Employees, think about what they will value for years not just a few days.  Using custom embroidery to add your logo to a Patagonia piece will brand that item and create positive brand association with other people who see your Company logo on a Patagonia item. It's smart marketing from




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