Putting the "T" in T-Shirts

Everybody loves a t-shirt, but why are printed logo t-shirts important? Sure, a company logo advertises the business, but it can do more than that. It can tell the company's story or show what the company stands for.  

TRUST: My children attend school in a small town in rural North Carolina, and t-shirts have played an important role in building community within the school. Starting on the first day of school when students are nervous and don't know anyone (even the teachers) t-shirts mean trust. Seeing a teacher wearing a t-shirt with the school logo and the word "staff" across the pocket lets children know that this is someone they can go to with questions or for directions. A little later in the year at the fall carnival, these t-shirts do the same thing for parents and community visitors.

TEAMWORK: T-shirts represent teams. When there is a field trip, t-shirts are a life saver because students and teachers can be quickly identified in a crowd. When classes compete in events such as field day, company logo shirts help teachers quickly get their teams into place. T-shirts mean - we belong together.


TRIBUTE:  T-shirts serve to give tribute to others. A local student in a neighboring school was diagnosed with cancer, and custom logo t-shirts were sold to teachers and students to honor him while raising money for his family.  A football game was held in his honor and the stands were filled with people wearing the shirts showing their support for this cause.  Later in the year, one of the beloved school employees lost her battle to a long-term illness and t-shirts were designed in her honor and in her favorite color, pink. These shirts were again worn in a Pink-Out game by the school softball team.  They help keep her spirit alive anytime we see someone wearing one.  The t-shirts gave tribute to others while showing the community that this is a school that cares.


Whether it's a business or school, t-shirts tell a story. For this school, their story is that they care. You can trust them with your child. They help represent teams and unity.  They give tribute to others in honor or in memory. Add to that - timeless, trendy, transcendent, and tried and true and you can see what the "T" in t-shirts is really all about.  

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