March of Dimes' Use of custom tee shirts to help Fundraise

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The March of Dimes is undoubtedly one of the most highly recognized non-profit organizations in the U.S. The organization is a major proponent of premature birth awareness. The March of Dimes' highest-earning fundraiser is the annual March for Babies campaign. Since its start in 1970, March for Babies has raised $2.3 billion toward research and community programs. March of Dimes events take place throughout the year in over 90 communities across the U.S. A company interested in supporting the March of Dimes need only visit the March for Babies website and input their zip code to find the next walk-a-thon in their local community.   March for Babies partners range from local civic organizations to major corporations. Participating teams are charged with working diligently within the community to reach their self-imposed fundraising goals.

 For example, corporate partner, Kmart, solicits donations from customers as they make purchases in their stores. Customers are rewarded with incentives such as coupons and discount cards. Retailer, Famous Footwear, raises funds for March for Babies by donating $5 of each purchase of Dr. Scholl's shoes. These corporate and civic partners are also encouraged to publicize the walking events in their respective communities. In conjunction with the support from corporate sponsors, the March of Dimes continues to be such a recognizable entity because of its use of company logo shirts in its fundraising model.  

As part of the March for Babies' activities, walkers participate in a logo t-shirt design contest. Each team has the task of choosing a unique t-shirt design, which must include the March of Dimes-March for Babies logo. Contestants submit their design ideas and t-shirt orders on the March for Babies' website. Orders are printed on 100% cotton, heavyweight t-shirts. Teams pay less than $10 per shirt. Winners are announced at the team's walking event in their community. In addition to fostering team-spirit, the logo t-shirt contest component of the fundraiser benefits the March for Babies campaign in a number of ways.  

Constant Publicity for the Organization

March for Babies participants are likely to wear their custom t-shirts long after the fundraising event is over. Whether their thrown on for a morning class, a run to the grocery store, or working out at the gym, logo t-shirts are tried and true advertising instruments. March for Babies logo shirts being worn throughout the year by participants keeps the fundraiser in the public's eye and on the radar of individuals or companies looking for a cause to support.  

Building Enthusiasm for the Organization's Mission

Teams participating as March of Dimes walkers have the opportunity to work together to create a logo t-shirt that they would be proud to wear. As part of the contest's rules, the team must include the chosen theme for the year as part of the design. This ensures that participants are mindful of the March of Dimes' focus for the current year's campaign. Participants arrive at their March for Babies event excited to wear their custom logo t-shirt and ready to work towards the fundraiser's mission for the year.  

Branding Opportunity for Partnering Companies

  T-shirts designed by March of Dimes' teams include the company's own logo along with the March of Dimes logo. The logo designs are placed on the front and back of the shirts. As participants wear these logo shirts during the fundraiser and throughout the year, the partnering company has the benefit of being publicized along side an organization as esteemed as the March of Dimes. This would certainly give one a favorable impression of the partnering company.


The March of Dimes-March for Babies is a clear example of the success that can come of community partnerships and publicity.

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