How using Shirts for Embroidery Landed a Startup Hockey Clothing Line into the Media Spotlight

Almost Pro Hockey Embroidery

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All businesses need to be identified by their target market with the greatest exposure possible--the greater the public exposure, the better the potential for driving buyers to your website or through the door of your business.  

New startup businesses especially need this recognition. Ron Chagnon of Kenora, Ontario surprised himself with the attention he garnered for his new vintage hockey clothing line by simply sending his kids out the door with logo-imprinted shirts and caps. Before he knew it their friends were also wearing the logo apparel, and when his son Mitch played in the Manitoba Junior Hockey League, all of the Steinbach Pistons wore it.  

Logo Apparel in the Public Eye is Priceless

Chagnon had purchased a small silkscreen and embroidery shop as a career change, with the intention of selling vintage hockey clothing. He knew that to be successful he needed to create interest and get attention. A flash of inspiration gave him the name -- Almost Pro Hockey—and serendipity made him print the APH logo on shirts and caps “for fun”.  

Coming from a hockey loving nation, it probably isn’t a huge surprise that soon after the Pistons wore his logo, people all over Winnipeg began running around in APH sweats, hoodies, t-shirts and caps. Then Winnipeg Jet Forward Mike Sheifele decided to wear an APH cap for a post-game interview and Almost Pro Hockey got a huge boost in public recognition. Chagnon is pushing for more such public endorsements, hoping to realize his dream of landing a major league deal. Although he stays busy outfitting the minor leagues in his hockey clothing he’s keeping an eye on growth. To that end his sons and their friends continue to run around Winnipeg and other hockey cities in APH embroidered shirts and hats, and to outfit junior leaguers across North America in logo apparel.  

The APH Logo Represents Quality and Value

Almost Pro Hockey Embroidery

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Chagnon makes everything in house, and with only two embroidery machines everything by necessity must be custom-made. Although this keeps prices higher than he’d like, his clientele recognize that they are purchasing local quality goods. Chagnon whimsically described his clothing line thus, “…if you’re not pro, then you’re almost pro, right?” and this attitude perfectly reflects the heart of his target audience.  

His APH logo seals the deal by representing hockey and the values of quality and home. An investment in logo apparel is an investment in name recognition. Consider promoting your company’s values and products with embroidered logo apparel.  

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