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Police Polos

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About a month ago, police officers in the Boynton Beach Police Department in Florida made the switch from a “tactical” style uniform to more “traditional” attire. The transition comes at a time when police departments and law enforcement agencies across the country are attempting to make their officers more approachable and less intimidating to the general public. Joining the Boynton Beach Police in making the polo shirt part of the daily uniform are departments like the Boca Raton PD (Florida), the Forest Park PD (Illinois), and Sedgwick County sheriff's officers and detention deputies (Kansas).  

Where does the change start in conveying professionalism and pride in one’s appearance, not to mention an honest effort in coming off as less ‘frightening’ to civilians? Look no further than custom polo shirts, both a mix of light and dark colors and more breathable fabrics, which are being paired with cargo or BDU (battle dress uniform) pants as part of a normal duty uniform. But appearance isn’t the only reason more law enforcement agencies are changing things up.  

Polos Ease Policing Efforts in Schools

The COPS in Schools (CIS) program was designed to help law enforcement personnel build partnerships and use policing efforts to combat school violence. To put minds at ease, especially when officers interact with younger children, many officers wear a “soft uniform” consisting of a custom polo shirt, pants and a duty belt, complete with weapon. The change has helped students realize the sight of an officer walking down a hall or showing up in a classroom does not necessarily mean that something is wrong.  

Custom Polos All About Performance

With the increased heat and humidity in the coming summer months, many law enforcement agencies are adjusting their uniforms with the safety and comfort of the officers in mind. Those in charge realize uniforms need to be as comfortable as possible without compromising durability, appearance and protection. With that in mind, custom polos are being manufactured with moisture-wicking, lightweight and breathable fabrics to keep patrol officers cooler and drier while on the job.   The Sedgwick County officers, in particular, are testing custom polo shirts constructed of a lighter colored blue, but with multi-blend fiber that is less likely to fade.  

Polos Extend to Other Safety Personnel

Police Polos

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Many law enforcement agencies and police departments work hand-in-hand with colleges and universities around the country. This is why polo shirts have been extended to many working uniforms on college campuses, especially for officers on bike patrol. At Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, custom polo shirts even extend to dispatchers and other personnel who assist commissioned police officers in the Commonwealth.  

Law enforcement, first responders and other various emergency personnel have and will continue to benefit from custom polo shirts being integrated into standard duty apparel for all the reasons mentioned above. Overall, officers are more comfortable on the job, departments can continue using traditional color choices for uniforms, and patrolman are likely viewed as more approachable and community-friendly due to the uniform changes.  

If you have questions about investing in polo shirts as part of a law enforcement uniform, please contact us for more details.

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