Wearing polo shirts with logo to a wine tasting for business class

Maddox Logo Polos

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The last thing that anyone expects to do under the direction of several independent business mentors is to go to a wine tasting. However, The Mad Maddox Method did exactly that. Their reasoning was simple: they wanted to prepare us for future business dealings that center around a fancy dinner party.   To prepare, Mr. Maddox, the lead mentor gave us stylish polo shirts with the logo for the "Mad Maddox Method". It was brilliant move on his part. The shirts were the color wines -- white, dark red, and rose -- and the logo stood out proudly just over our hearts.  

The shirts did more than identify us as starry-eyed business students. We were to choose the shirt that matched our wine preference, so they crafted to tell the sommelier at a glance what our preference was. The sommelier then instructed us on our wine preferences. As a group, we made quite an image. Twenty young adults standing and sitting around tables in wine colored polo shirts staring in consternation at the wine selections in front of us, trying our best to remember what we were just taught about tannic structures, tasting techniques, and what wines pair with what dishes.  

The polo shirts also drew in the attention of potential clients and business partners for our future business -- as well as for those of Mr. Maddox. People often stopped by to comment about how creative the shirts were. Some people had seen this before, as they were Mr. Maddox's colleagues or friends. They would stop by and challenge us to a friendly business conversation over wine. It was not scripted, and several of us came out with business prospects after that.  

Maddox Logo Polos

Image source: southwest-wine-guide.com

If they were not student's of the Maddox Method, they were soon very intrigued and wanting to find out more. Mr. Maddox told us afterwards that every class he does this, and every class he has received an 7% increase in business minded students that want to learn more or increase their business's potential.   Mr. Maddox's unique polo shirts with his logo on it were designed to help the sommelier and draw attention for potential business deals for both us and Mr. Maddox. There is no doubt in my mind it works.  

Want more ideas on how a polo shirt with your logo can benefit you? To talk more about this, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.

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