Peterbilt distributorships benefit from logo clothing

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Peterbilt Trucking celebrates 75 years from its founding in 1939 by T.A. Peterman, commercial trucking enthusiasts are proud to declare Peterbilt as a heavyweight champ in the world of commercial trucking distributors and manufacturing.   The Texas based company enjoys a rich history of building high caliber commercial grade trucks known for superior design and engineering. The company shows a promising future as it introduces new models to it’s already impressive line of trucks, taking the industry leader into the next phase of its history.  

Peterbilt also shows savvy when it comes to spreading their brand and message through logo clothing. There are many reasons to provide logo clothing at your distributorship. Consider this…   - Drivers wearing the Peterbilt logo clothing represent the company everywhere they go. People who see the company logo are more likely to consider using Peterbilt for future trucking needs.   - Wearing logo clothing will show unity among all the members which is proven to yield higher trust from active and potential customers. It might also set a company apart from it competition if other trucking companies don’t have uniformity.  

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When employees and customers wear Peterbilt logo clothing, it creates a positive feeling towards the company that otherwise wouldn't have been there. There are solid research results showing high employee retention when you give logo clothing to employees.   - If you’re not doing so already, giving a Peterbilt logo jacket and hat to customers when they purchase a truck would be considered a nice gesture and would only build a higher bond between you and the new truck owner.   Lead Apparel helps companies create logo clothing that will be worn by employees and customers. After years of research, results show logo clothing unites employees, helps engage with customers and builds positive brand association.  You can get an instant quote on any product we carry or contact us directly.

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