Bedore Tour Guides Stand Out Wearing Polo Shirts With Embroidery

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Niagara Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Over 28 million tourists from all over the globe visit Niagara Falls each year. Many tourists turn to local touring agencies to show them around the area and give them a history of the falls. As Niagara Falls spans two countries, the United States and Canada, there are numerous tour companies for visitors to choose from and every company is competing for their business. United States based Bedore Tours has built a reputation as one of the best tour companies in the area and their savvy guides get noticed wearing polo shirts with embroidery.  

Bedore Tours

In 1950 Gordon Bedore began touring visitors around Niagara Falls in a limo. Sixty-four years later, this family owned company has expanded to 10 touring buses that seat from 21 to 35 passengers, and sixty employees which include professional, licensed tour guides. The success of Bedore Tours depends, not only on great customer service, but on standing out from competitive tour companies on both sides of the United States/Canadian border.  

Standing Out From The Crowd

Polos for Bedore Tour Guides Image source:

On a crowded summer afternoon Niagara Falls is a rainbow of colors, particularly the primary colors of red, blue, and yellow. Finding a guide out of a sea of colorfully clad visitors can be difficult. That is why Bedore Tours owner, John O'Hear, chose bright orange as the company's base color for his guide's shirts. Customers are thrilled with the vibrant color as they can easily find their guide by simply looking for the orange shirt. Guides love the unique color as it makes them feel special.  

The Embroidered Polo Shirt

Employee pride is also generated by the classy, company provided polo shirt with embroidery. Tourists want to feel comfortable around their tour guide, but don't want to see them wearing a tacky shirt. The polo was the perfect choice as it is stylish and polished. Bedore Tours' guides wear a pique cotton-polyester blend polo shirt. Its relaxed fit looks good on both men and women. Bedores' guides love that it is easy to care for, which is important during a busy tourist season. The company's logo, inspired by Niagara Falls with a touch of art deco, is embroidered on the left chest and stands out nicely against the bright orange back drop. Whether guides are picking tourists up at the airport, their hotel, or leading them on a tour, their polo shirts are easily recognizable.  

Get Noticed

Your company can get noticed over the competition too. Your company color and logo will shine on a polo shirt with embroidery. Contact us and let us help you stand out from the crowd.
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