Smooth Moves for the King of Smoothies

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What do the names Hulk Strawberry, the Gladiator, and the Shredder have in common? They are smoothie mixes that can be purchased at a Smoothie King store. Smoothie King Franchises, Inc. is a New Orleans smoothie bar and nutritional lifestyle center which means it is more like a multi-purpose health store rather than a coffee shop that happens to sell smoothies. They specialize in healthy fresh drinkable meals and supplements rather than sugary drinkable snacks. In 2003 Wan Kim opened his and the company's first Smoothie King store in South Korea. In just a little over ten years later, he owns the entire franchise. Creating a new company look and refreshed message, he is telling the business world and consumers to take a second look.  

Send a message that your company is changing –for the better

Changing a company’s image really can be as simple as changing the company uniform. The new look can send a message that this company is worth a second look. Currently, there are 674 Smoothie King stores in the US and Asia. Kim has a goal to have 1000 stores by 2019. Embroidered polo shirts are a part of the plan to get the job done. The company was started forty years ago by Steve Kuhnau. However, the company logo had not changed since 1993. But that was then and this is now. Now Kim has changed the look of the logo, stores, and the company shirts to reflect the change. Company uniforms include embroidered cotton polo shirts (that range in color from cardinal red to burnt orange), bib aprons, ball caps, visors, and bold crew neck t-shirts with the company name located just under the left shoulder in the front and a bold enlarged image of the logo placed on right at the hip. When consumers vi sit a Smoothie King store they can see that things are changing in a positive way.  

Let your embroidered shirts say “we can make you healthy”

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Associating your logo with young healthy athletes is a great move if you are a company that sells a product that promotes healthy consumption. Smoothie King has positioned itself to do just that. The company’s embroidered shirts have arrived at the Smoothie King Center. The company just entered into a multi-million dollar 10-year deal with the owners of the Pelicans for naming rights to the team’s stadium. The company’s logo will appear on the exterior of the arena, the court, and the scoreboard, and of course on the workers serving company smoothies to the patrons. Wan wants the mission of the company to be clear: “inspire people to live a healthy and active lifestyle.” He is hoping this latest move will be a slam dunk. When customers see the company shirts with the Smoothie King logo located on the upper left corner, they will think about basketball and they will think about being active and healthy too.  

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