RadioShack Looks to Revive Its Corporate Image with a New Look

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When you are national retailer like RadioShack with over 30,000 employees and over 4,000 brick and mortar establishments how do you go about re-branding your company? You create new taglines, new commercials, and a new look. RadioShack is doing just that.  

Embracing Tradition Along with A New Look

Classic polo shirts in red and gray with its strategically placed embroidered company logo have been a staple of RadioShack of Fort Worth, Texas for over a decade. However, things are changing at this national retailer. Customers will continue to see the traditional polos (at least for a while), but they will also see a newer and fresher look. The company’s marketing campaign includes opening concept stores. One of the first such stores was opened in New York City in the summer of 2013. When RadioShack unleashed its new company look at the flagship store, employees wore custom gray t-shirts, a new addition to RadioShack's trademark line of custom clothing. A new logo was prominently featured across the front. The trademark “R” was still there but it was more simplistic, bolder, and brighter. It stills rests inside of a familiar circle, but the lines are thicker and more pronounced. The RadioShack name now appears in lowercase white letters that have been placed in the center of chocolate brown background. As a result, the new company shirts convey an image of fun, freshness, and hip which reflects the company’s new marketing direction.  

Establishing A New Vision with Core Values

The use of media has provided a venue to let consumers see that company image is changing. RadioShack has launched a series of new commercials, featuring the new look for the company. RadioShack scored points with its Super Bowl ad “The Phone Call” with the tagline that the eighties called to get their things back. The traditional employee uniforms were shown along with images of the new employee apparel with the new logo. The effect was to tell both the old and new customers that the company is taking big steps to making big changes, but the core values of the company are still in place.  

Regaining Relevancy with a New Image

Radioshack employee uniforms Image source:

RadioShack is hoping to regain relevancy in today’s electronic and mobile technology sector. Students on college campuses will see the RadioShack brand in bookstores and will be wowed by the slick concept stores. When consumers see company commercials and visit retail stores featuring employees wearing updated company apparel baring the new logo, RadioShack will send a message to a younger consumer that the store is fun, hip, and a great place to go to buy the latest technology.   Is your company expanding and trying to capture a bigger audience? Whether your company is a national retailer or a local business consider investing in new company apparel that makes a statement about the relevance and vitality of your business.

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