How Honda turned their embroidered polo shirts into symbols of Good Deeds

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So, what makes an embroidered polo shirt a great investment? And how has it become a symbol of goodness? Consider the $30 million marketing campaign launched by American Honda Motors of Southern California. They set out in 2007 to change the perception people have when it comes to car dealerships. How has the light blue polo shirt helped change that image? Light blue is a non-threatening color. Bearing the embroidered Honda logo, the shirt has now turned a major corporation into a gentle giant.  

Spotlight Your Business With a Shirt that Makes You a Hero

The marketing firm that worked to change Honda's image sent 4 teams of 5 actors sporting light blue polo shirts with the Honda logo to help people in need each month for a period of 15 days. These representatives have flooded the streets of California doing good deeds like handing out water bottles on warm days, loading groceries in shoppers' trunks, walking people across the street on rainy days, purchasing gas for Honda drivers and most recently, handing out warm blankets to spectators at Pasadena's annual Rose Bowl Parade.  

Let Your Embroidered Polo Shirt say, "We're here to help."

Over the past 7 years, the light blue polo shirt has changed the minds of automobile consumers. It’s no longer scary to drive into the parking lot of a Honda dealer, because when you see those light blue polo shirts, you are reminded about their cute advertisements. In every Honda commercial, a potential customer is sharing about their fears of purchasing a new car. After listening to the helpful Honda representative's pitch, and hearing the words, "It's my job to be helpful," the customer asks the sales rep to perform a heroic task. One of their animated commercials show a helpful Honda guy wearing a light blue polo shirt and ear muffs - shivering as he helps a penguin catch a fish out of the frozen lake. The message attached to that polo shirt leaves a lasting impression.  

How The Right Polo Shirt Can Create a Lasting Impression

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Honda, which has been a manufacturing giant in the United States for over 30 years, has re-branded it's image by using a polo shirt as a symbol of their loyalty, unity, friendship, compassion and trust. Honda has successfully changed the negative image that can be associated with car dealerships. Everyone loves a helpful Honda dealer. But everyone really loves a helpful Honda dealer in a light blue polo shirt.  

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