How the Olympics get fantastic results for Team Uniforms

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Use the same steps for your Company Logo Clothing

The winter Olympics are going to dominate your television screen in the coming days. As the teams begin to make their way into Olympic stadium on on Februrary 6, naturally, we will be looking at the athletes uniforms from around the world. The games are not only a time for these athletes to prove they are the best of the best in their sports, but also a time for clothing designers to showcase the countries in unique and impressionable ways.   In the spirit of the impending Olympic games, we came up with five tips in designing your employees custom clothing to make that ever lasting impression, months and years after the Olympics are over.  

Employee Input

In a Glamour Magazine article, the designers of Team USA, Canada and Russia ski uniforms commented that the uniforms are somewhat customizable by athletes, including interchangeable patches athletes will use to exchange with new international friends.They go on to say this is a great way for the ever-individual ski team to showcase their individuality.   If personal touch is a possibility with Olympic athletes and it encourages them to wear the uniforms with excitement, it would a be a great tactic for your employees custom clothing. Encouraging employees to bring their ideas to the table will build a strong brand identity by creating employees invested in the company. These are the brand ambassadors for your business.  

Choose a color that suits many

The Olympic uniforms are customized with country colors; these colors are standard and have to be adhered to, as they are identifiable as a specific country's team. Traditionally, these colors do tend to flatter all types of skin tones.   Your company colors, when used to feature your business, can be of similar caliber in complementing many employees. That being said, if your company colors do not flatter everyone that will be wearing them, black, white or another neutral tone are always great starting points to add your company logo (see the next tip!).  

Uniquely feature your logo

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The official Team USA uniforms, designed by Ralph Lauren, are one example of how a logo can be creatively featured. The Olympics logo is featured on the sleeve of a blue pea coat with a distinctive red stripe on the bottom, on both pocket-sides of a mesh pull over and under the neck of a polo shirt.  

Think outside of the box for logo placement. Customers, potential customers, employees, investors and other audiences will remember this, as it sets you apart from what they have seen before (read: lasting impression).  

Stand the test of time

Olympic fashion changes slightly over the years, but the designs, logos and efficiency of use remains the same throughout the games. Your custom clothing should be the same.  

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