Polo Shirts with a Company Logo: Being Casual While Marketing Your Business

brand awareness Image source: arunwearsyahoo.tumblr.com

If you've never considered creating polo shirts with a company logo for your business, you're missing out on joining what other top companies do to help foster brand awareness.   Take a look at what one famous company does after employees work there for a number of years. And see how wearing polo shirts with a company logo can ultimately bring a better sense of identity to help your staff stick together in a common cause.  

The Yahoos at Yahoo! Wear Company Shirts

After you work five years at Yahoo!, Arun Balasubramanian had enough company clothing to wear logo t-shirts for a month straight. A fellow employee started a tumblr blog about it and shows how much brand awareness goes on around Yahoo! headquarters. In fact, they do much more than that to get the company name and their branded color (purple) incorporated into virtually everything.  

But it's easy to see why they do this when the pride in working in one of the top companies in the world never wavers. However, what about companies that are much smaller than Yahoo? Can a sense of employee unity exist just as much in a smaller environment as it can working with the cushy perks of a corporation?  

Using Shirts with Logos to Create Marketing Unity

The greatness of placing a logo on a polo shirt is that it can be easily worn virtually anywhere. In the summer, you can walk down a busy street and have your logo be seen clearly by passers-by who may check out your business. When walking into other stores, you can essentially promote your business within another environment without getting into trouble. Then again, if you step into a competitor's store, you might not want to stay too long.   Using a company logo ultimately creates an affordable marketing unity that can't really be accomplished any other way other than using social media. Regardless, tangible items that aren't seen on a digital device should never be underestimated in their powerful marketing potential.  

Creating Long-Term Employee Unity

employee shirt Image source: dailymail.co.uk

When all of your employees agree to wear those embroidered shirts, you're fostering more unity behind your company cause. If everyone is on board about what your company does and they work with pride as those at Yahoo! do, it's going to create a long-term commitment in your employees. You don't want constant turnover in your staff, and using your logo is a compelling call to stick with the company long term.  

Here at Lead Apparel, we can make very attractive and stylish polo shirts with your company logo so your employees can wear them in pride. They're designed to look good on anyone so every employee can wear them daily without reservation.

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