TSA's New Custom Clothing is Worthy of Imitation Without the Price Tag

TSA uniform Image source: politico.com

Custom clothing is a process that we see done at many different companies, both celebrated and notorious. But sometimes it's the latter that are worthy of imitation, at least in theory. There might not be any better example than the Transportation Security Agency, or more affectionately known as TSA. Last year, the agency was placed on the hot seat when they spent $50 million dollars to upgrade their uniforms when they were facing severe budget cuts. Almost convincingly, they said the uniform upgrade was very much needed.  

The above example might sound like a bad business practices however, when you look at it more subjectively, it's a good example of how to market a company when dealing in a business that can easily be misunderstood. It would appear on the surface, the TSA spent well above a reasonable cost but the true value depends on what it achieved by distinguishing the TSA employees to the public including those up to no good.  

The TSA Lessons of Unity and Marketing

TSA uniform Image source: politico.com

If anyone needed to market themselves and bring a sense of unity, it was the TSA. Not that it necessarily helped their reputation by having the new TSA uniforms printed more compellingly with the word "Security" on the back. What it did do was bring a more clear sense of identity that those working in TSA needed to do. Morale had likely been low because of the criticism and the type of work they have to do on a daily basis. There was also the remote possibility of someone possibly impersonating a TSA official at an airport, and new uniforms would help better identify who's who.   These are the type of lessons much smaller and reputable companies can apply to the idea of using custom clothing. Especially if your company deals in a practice that might be misunderstood, having employees wearing clothing with the company logo can give a better sense of self. It also gives customers an idea that you show pride and confidence in what you do.  

And as with the security idea, it can apply to a company as well. Consider that everyone wearing custom clothing can be accounted for and not have an imposter (possibly a competitor) come in to cause trouble.   Next time you’re in the airport you’ll more than likely be able to recognize the TSA officers versus the general public. This was goal, so mission accomplished albeit at a high cost.  

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