Proof that logo clothing makes a difference; Give to Employees

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My home state of Missouri has been pinned the ‘show-me state’. The legend goes a former Missouri Congressman, Willard Vandiver, explained to a packed banquet of Naval officers that ‘frothy eloquence neither convinces me or satisfies me. I am from Missouri, you must show me’.   This statement holds true for many aspects in life but particularly business decisions. Trendy advertising, bells and whistles, smoke & mirrors, a lot of sizzle but not much steak….you get the point.   Let’s identify what recent surveys and feedback show when purchasing logo clothing for your Company. We’re going to focus first, from a 3 part series, on giving your employees Company logo clothing.  

The Benefits of giving logo Clothing to Employees  

First, the bad news...

First, you need to be aware stats show over 65% of employees are unhappy. So much so, they are seeking employment elsewhere as I type. This simple stat means most companies have employees who are not excited about working at your Company which equates to lackluster performance and little interest to see your Company succeed. Best case, they are producing mediocre results until they find another job. Worst case, they are misrepresenting and badmouthing your Company to customers, other employees and the outside world.   Consider the results of recent surveys: - 50% of those surveyed had little to no loyalty when it comes to their Employer. - Only 29% are engaged in their work, meaning focused and committed to performing their job responsibilities the best they can. - With over 70% of the employees not engaged, are they representing your brand well?   So the question becomes, what are some ideas to make Employees excited and loyal to the Company?  

Find ways to create an Excited and Loyal Team

Why do fans spend hundreds of dollars for a team jersey to wear to a game? Because they feel a deeper connection with the team and other fans. It’s confirms their excitement and loyalty towards their team. The same two emotions that are ideal for a excited and productive staff. Logo Polos for employees Image source:

This is the same environment successful companies try to build (minus the beer brawls). If a company can establish this sort of following, their Employees can do outstanding things for the Company and hopefully be rewarded emotionally and financially.   Logo Clothing, in some form, can start uniting employees as a team. Even though a subconscious connection on some levels, it brings people together when they can identify with the same goals to make a better Company.   For a Business Owner or whomever is responsible for purchasing, you want to be cautious about giving away the least expensive swag you can find. There are stats that show it can backfire if it’s perceived as a cheap give-away. Cheap can mean one thing from team to team, so best if the purchaser knows what the Team will find meaningful.  

How does this equate into higher overall Sales and Growth for my Company?

Surveys show Companies with Higher Employee Satisfaction levels enjoy the following: - 71% Higher Profitability - 76% Lower turnover - 78% Better safety records - 86% Higher Customer Ratings   The proof is substantial that Companies have much higher levels of success (net margin, customer retention, product expansion) when 70% or more Employees show high levels of job satisfaction.   Look at a picture of Employees when they're wearing the same tee shirts, whether running in a race or in the workplace, they are always smiling. It’s a team atmosphere; excited and loyal!   Lead Apparel offers many options with your company logo; printed tee shirts, embroidered polos, hats, jackets, sweatshirts and accessories.
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