Who is the official embroiderer for big companies?

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You’re ready to buy shirts and jackets with your company logo and give to your employees so they can be brand ambassadors like the big companies. Now you need to find out what company can do this for you. Questions like: who does this for the big companies? Since you probably want your logo looking as professional as Apple, Chase, Home Depot or Mercedes employees.   Turns out, there isn’t an official decorator for all Fortune 500 Companies. They are all ordering in a different way.  

The 3 ways Big Companies provide logo clothing for their employees

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1) Order through a private web-site portal provided by a logo clothing company

The growing trend for the past 5 years is to have employees to log into a themed portal and order the items they want. For instance, Chase Bank employees can log onto a portal that has all of the Chase clothing items ready to order. They can view polo shirts, dress shirts, ties, hats and jackets all with the Chase logo. When the Chase employee is first hired, they are given an allowance, typically a few hundred dollars, to order their round of uniforms. Afterwards, the employee will pay for the items with their own money. Many companies have a similar arrangement with their logo clothing company. The process may differ slightly but ultimately, the clothing options are available to the employees to order at their convenience.

2) Employees order logo clothing through the Human Resources Department

Many mid-sized and large companies have employees contact the Human Resources department for logo clothing or accessories orders.They provide the employee with a catalog or web address showing the different options available. Employees then email, fill out an order form or sometimes call the Human Resources Dpt. directly with the order. Some companies keep inventory on-hand to fill employee requests and other companies will take place an order with the logo clothing company. Since most logo clothing company’s have minimums in place or at least higher pricing for smaller orders, the ordering company should have an existing deal in place to facilitate these orders. The other option is to accumulate your employees requests over a quarter and then place a larger order to take advantage of better pricing.  

3) Companies have their own decoration facility

This is definitely for the big boys; large scale operations that require thousands of employees to be in uniform, like Domino’s, UPS and FedEx, Home Depot or McDonalds. They have the resources to build their own decorating house, bypass third-party decorators, and control orders.   Do you need a company-themed portal for employees to order from?

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