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We’re all trying to find the best deal -- house, car, school, dentist, travel. No different when deciding which site to place your order for your embroidered logo clothing. Items ready for embroidery like polo shirts, jackets, hats and other swag are offered by many sites but how do you know when you’re ordering with a premium shop? Not premium pricing, but premium products and premium service. You’ll find out the best sites offer the best pricing too.  

3 most important factors when ordering logo clothing on the web

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1) Quality

Buy from a site that offers big name brands for custom embroidery? Although you may not be ordering a big name brand, you want to work with a company that carries big name brands. These sites have reputation to hold. Big brands like Nike, Adidas, Tumi and Swiss Army expect their decorators to deliver the best since it’s on their garments. The company needs to provide a proof for approval? The embroiderer is going to create a digitized file of your logo. Simply put, they’re formatting your logo so it’s ready to use on the embroidery machine. What’s important is you have a chance to look over and decide if it looks the way you want. Issues arise when matching logo colors to thread colors. What if you feel the thread color used doesn’t properly match your logo? You see where the problem begins? Another problem to lookout for is the size of the logo. Make sure the proof includes the exact size being used for embroidery. For example, a left chest logo is the most common embroidered area and generally stitched between 3 to 4 inches. They can go as small as 2 and as high as 5 depending on the logo itself. Packaging: Do they individually bag each item? Sort the sizes? This is a big one! Do they individually pack your garments or throw them into unlabeled boxes? When a company receives their order, how much time is wasted sorting out sizes so they can hand out to the other employees? We’ve heard horror stories of employees sorting out thousands of polo shirts in a hotel conference room trying to beat the deadline of an event. Also, do they send in branded boxes so you know what’s just arrived? Or do you receive your orders in unidentifiable boxes with unheard of brand logos? I always prefer to know what’s just come through the door.

2) Price

Bulk Pricing? The sites you want to be working with will offer price discounts bulk purchases. 100 pieces should be less than 10. 1k less than 100. 5k less than 1k and so on. Are you being charged for miscellaneous fee’s? Set-Up: The best sites don’t charge set-up. No reason to pay a set-up even if you have a small order size. Charging more for a higher thread-count logo: It does cost a company more to embroider a logo with a high thread count however there are sites that charge a flat fee for the first 10,000. Really, standard logos are usually 2,000-7,000 stitches. Placement Upcharges: Are you getting charged more because you want your logo on the sleeve versus the chest? Ask for flat pricing regardless of where you choose to embroider. Some items are tougher to embroider, like hats, backpacks and some jackets therefore might call for a premium. Type of Garment: More to embroider on fleece than cotton? Yes, this has been the case in previous years. But nowadays, shouldn’t matter. Pay the same regardless of fabric. Shipping: Are you receiving free shipping on your order? It’s becoming more common to offer free-ship for bulk shipment such as company logo clothing orders. This one expense can cost customers a lot of mooo-laaah. You can find companies to ship it for free.

3) Service

Sales-Rep handling your order? Do you have a Sales representative, their direct phone number and email address? This is important since many times you need to add pieces to your order, change colors or have questions about order status. The good sites provide this info in your account that’s accessible on their web site. What are the Company’s Return & Exchange policy? Make sure you know what happens if you receive your order and it’s not what you ordered? The proof process will eliminate unexpected surprises like this. Color, Size and Placement errors can be painful. Does the company offer a 100% money back-guarantee? Does the Company offer a Custom Appreciation Program? These days, you can get extra perks for ordering large purchases which is the case with logo clothing. Lead Apparel offers 5% Back in easy points(™) for purchases. If you place an order for $1,000, you get 50 points = $50 for future purchases. They’re added automatically with each purchase and you receive reminders of your balance totals. Easy Quoting and Reordering? Nobody likes to spend time emailing back and forth for a logo clothing order. There are a few sites where you can access instant quotes and even send them to yourself and order at your convenience. The same is true for reordering. Use one of the few sites where you can log into your account, access previous orders, adjust your quantities if needed and click submit.
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