Why the World loves Performance Fabric Anything!

Performance Fabric Image source: nikepro.com  

I know I’ve caught the bug… the performance fabric bug. Nike calls it Dri-Fit™, Adidas calls it Clima-Lite™, Under-Armour calls it ColdGear™. Lululemon has made a billion dollar business creating yoga pants, hats, tees, sweatshirts, running gear and now making a breakthrough towards more casual clothing with the performance based material. In their case, mostly lycra spandex and polyester compose the pieces. They’re all a fantastic version of a material I can’t stop wearing and we’re seeing a big trend for companies when purchasing their logo clothing.  

Why Performance Dri Fit Material makes sense to outfit your employees

Performanc Fabric for Employees Image source: csportsfashion.com

This particular trend of casual wear is more than a fashion statement, it’s also about practicability. With traditional options like All Cotton or Fleece, we’re quickly changing our habits to take advantage of a clothing that doesn’t shrink, smell, wrinkle or fade like the traditional options. If you can wear something that breathes and feels virtually weightless throughout the day, what would you rather wear? Right.. me too. All that, and it doesn’t require a wash every time you wear it.  

Performance Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are wear the Dri Fit and other versions originated and for good reason. Since most of us were forced into All Cotton or at best a Cotton / Polyester blend, it only made sense for these creative powerhouse brands to offer the world an active shirt that didn’t have all the issues. Companies can take advantage of these superior styles and dress their entire staff with a company logo.  

Performance Active-Wear, Jackets and Parkas

Outerwear manufacturer are always ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative styles and fabrics. They have realized for a long time the limitations of cotton and fleece. The North Face phenomenon propelled a new breed of outerwear for those seeking outdoor adventure. This quickly spread into the mainstream and all of us began to see the benefits. Now, luxury brand like Burberry, Montclair, Armani, Moorer and others have perfected sleek fashion statements from performance style fabrics. Although I’m highlighting luxury brands, companies can find affordable performance fabric with fashionable cuts to outfit their employees. Lead Apparel carries several of these brands, most notably Port Authority, who does a great job offering current styles ready to add an embroidered company logo.  

Performance Tee Shirts

The ol’ tee shirt is not so ol’ anymore. Performance fabric has turned the tee shirt into a high tech beast. Moisture wicking (which means keeping us dry) and lightweight regardless of the season. Then they come heavy on features like compartments for phone, keys or IPods. This is truly a revolutionary time for tee shirts. Although you’ll pay a premium, you can count on having a well-constructed performance tee around for 2 years or probably longer depending how often you wear it. Companies can take advantage of performance tee shirts also. Maybe your sponsoring a 5k run, instead of giving out all cotton tee’s that will most likely go in the trash, give away a New Balance tee from Lead Apparel and add your logo. Don’t be surprised to see someone running in that shirt 3 years from now.
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