Embroidery that Pushes the Envelope: Cat in My Pocket

Cat in a Dress Shirt Image source: Petslady.com

In a world where most marketing strategies have already been tried a thousand times before, sometimes you have to take an unorthodox approach if you want to get noticed. You have to be creative, revolutionary, and just plain weird. If you're lucky, the unmitigated weirdness of creative thinking can really pay off and attract national coverage for your company.   Japanese embroiderer Hiroko Kubota was forced to think outside of the box after her son, who is "quite small in stature," refused to wear anything she gave him. What do you do when you've got a finicky son who's either too small or too picky to wear the clothes that you give him? For Kubota, the answer is quite simple: you take fitting clothes and spice them up with some innovative embroidery.   Kubota's son adores cats, so Kubota used her skills in embroidery to craft a shirt that would appeal to her choosy son. The result is this embroidered cat shirt, which puts a clever customized spin on a simple dress shirt.  

Embroidered Cat Shirt Image source: Petslady.com  

I have to say: Kubota's embroidery skills are impressive. At first glance it doesn't even look like needlework -- it looks more like a photograph than a collection of colorful threads. I'm a dog lover and a full grown adult, but these shirts are so adorable that I might be tempted to buy a shirt for myself, as much for the novelty as any other reason.   I'm not the only fan. Kubota posted her artwork on her Flickr photostream to share her artwork with her friends. The pictures of her shirts quickly exploded across the Internet -- hardly surprising considering that the only thing that the Internet adores more than originality is pictures of cute animals.   Kubota's rapid and unexpected rise to international fame shows just how important a bit of creativity can be. There's nothing wrong with embroidering your company's on the front of your employee uniforms. There are plenty of good reasons why that's such a popular style: it's tasteful, it's not overly distracting, and it presents customers with a clear, unobstructed view of your logo. Japanese Cat Shirt Image source: Petslady.com

But if you're really trying to stand out in the business world, then you might want to take a page out of Kubota's book and come up with unorthodox marketing strategies. Order company uniforms with embroidery on the collar, or create a uniform that loosely resembles a military outfit with badge-like embroidery on the outside sleeves. You could mimic Kubota's chest-burster cat and have your logo "explode" out of the shirt pocket.   Just try to keep an open mind. You should probably stick with classic uniform layouts 99 percent of the time, but every once in a while a daring design could catapult your business into the national spotlight, which is exactly what happened to this California restaurant. Could you be next?

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